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The Bears Den: May 28, 2012


"...where we wonder if the Schweickert has a spare moment of weekends to himself, so astounding is his output for the weekend WCG."

2012 impact rookies - Greg Gabriel: Which first-year players will step in right away and produce? Includes a certain Bears WR...

Corey Wootton says he's healthy, 'ready to go' - Acknowledges that his future with the club is in his own hands.

Peter King's MMQB - Read about Phil Emery, including the fact he's aware the Bears need OL help. Can't fix everything in one offseason, though.

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Offensive accountability key for Bears - Jim Miller: Offense could be the key to a successful run during the regular season and could boost Chicago into the postseason if executed correctly.

Urlacher: Free agency 'exciting' but wants to remain a Bear - Has no problem with the Bears' decision to discuss a new deal after the 2012 season. Bears likely to pay him more than anyone else; sounds pretty happy and relaxed on "Waddle & Silvy" [Audio].

Tice's offense with Bears likely to resemble that of Vikings when Tice was HC - Finished in the top four in the NFL in yards three times while Tice was Vikings HC from 2002 to 2005.

Forte’s agent calls durability concerns absurd - Although, questions about the fitness of each knee matters more than the amount of games that Forte has missed over the past four years when it comes to making a decision about a long-term extension.

For some franchise tag holdouts, it's just business - Moon Mullin: Lions' Avril has not treated the tag or lack of long-term deal as an insult, which Forte has and Brees is seeming to, meaning that there is less chance of divisive rancor.

NFP Sunday Blitz - "Thompson shakes it up in Green Bay, a look at the new trading trend and all the latest NFL dope." Dope? What you on, Pompei? SB winners at the White House - There's only one visit that we, and Barack Obama, care about.

Walter Payton in 1984 - No wonder his stiffarm was legend - wait for it - ary.

Evaluating quarterbacks - Greg Gabriel: "It's not an exact science, and it's so much more than just looking at stats." Doesn't explain selecting Sex Cannon on his watch.

Bears: Dream/nightmare scenarios - I'll have the dream scenario, please. For the whole NFCN...

Know thy enemy: Lions' dream/nightmare scenarios - Entire team gets suspended for smoking pot and DUIing; Jim Schwartz gets into a fight with Lovie after losing to Bears and Tice knocks him out.

Know thy enemy: Packers' dream/nightmare scenarios - Rodgers suffers a hernia doing his stupid pelvic gyration in week 3, misses rest of season and that girl we laughed at for crying about a loss because of the sparkles on her nails does a great deal more drunken crying. Her sister might be a Packers fan, but we appreciate her sharing it for our entertainment :-D

Know thy enemy: Vikings' dream/nightmare scenarios - Well, they're the Vikings.

Know thy enemy: Lions draft class of 2011 not getting any smarter - Nick Fairley arrested for speeding, DUI and trying to elude police; now has more arrests than NFL sacks. Still not quite as bad as the Bengals, yet.

Breaking down the basics of the 'Dagger' route - Matt Bowen used to be an NFL player, but then he took an arrow to the knee.

Mark Carrier tries to understand deaths of Duerson and Seau - Former safety succeeded Dave Duerson on Bears and was college teammate of Junior Seau.

18 holes with former Bears Hunter Hillenmeyer - Vanderbilt alumnus joked that he "made up for his lack of strength with a lack of speed."

Top 34 football movies of all time - Which is your favourite?

[Video] What celebrations would Bears have in "Madden"? - Urlacher self-effacing; Robbie Gould suggests "the flex" for Forte.

Warrick Dunn’s charity donates its 115th home - With current and former players in the news for all the wrong reasons, here's one who's making the news for the right one. Pretty amazing stuff.

Because we don't want ThorCo to progress to stage 2 pouting, or worse...