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Win Bears Tickets & Field Passes & raise Concussion Awareness

39605_1628885693078_1564667957_31538829_6110279_n_mediumThe Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL) is not only America's largest independent football league, but they are also leaders in raising concussion awareness on the youth level. I may be biased, as this is the league I've coached in, but they do a hell of a job with educating the coaches, parents, and players about safety.

This year they are running a "Caring With Impact" raffle (see the flyer after the jump), to promote keeping kids safe from potential brain injuries. Some of the prizes are Chicago Bears related, and since we are the premier Chicago Bears site we had to bring the info to you. Hit the jump to see some of the prizes available.

* Bears tickets with field passes
* One-on-one individual football technique camp with a Bears player
* Autographed Briggs, Urlacher and Ochocinco jerseys
* Briggs, Urlacher, Suh and Ochocinco helmets
* Plus many more valuable prizes

Bears tickets with field passes! Sign me up! Click here to purchase tickets!

A grant from Battle Sports Science is allowing a portion of the proceeds to go towards the purchase of an Impact Indicator chinstrap, which "measures and calculates the G-force and duration sustained by a player's head to help minimize the risks of concussion." That's some very high tech stuff, more info on that can be found by clicking the above link.

One of the new TCYFL instituted Concussion Guideline Initiatives for 2012 is Baseline Impact Testing. Something WCG covered last fall. Concussions have been such a buzz worthy topic for sports fans of late, so here's a chance to help the TCYFL and to possibly win some cool Bears loot. It's for a great and worthy cause and I can tell you from first hand experience, the TCYFL is a top notch organization. Get your tickets!