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The Bears Den: May 31, 2012

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"...where it's the quiet stage of the offseason and our thoughts seemingly turn to how much, and why, we hate Nickelback."

Forte Seeking $20 Million Guarantee - Lester A. Wiltfong, Jr: Is this really all that's holding up long term contract talks between the Bears and Forte?

Johnny Knox's arduous recovery motivates Hester - Has visited Halas Hall numerous times this offseason just to join Knox for a walk on the elliptical machine.

Bears planning Hester-specific package - I know, you've heard this before, but he did substantial work in the slot during Wednesday's OTA.

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Carimi might hold key to Bears’ OL - Fans conditioned to expect the worst when it comes to: 1. first-round draft picks; 2. offensive linemen; and 3. injuries. Thanks, Jerry.

Larry Mayer: Carimi pleased with how knee is feeling - Feels like a rookie again after missing the final 14 games of his first season. Says he's right on schedule.

Carimi's recovery is a key for the offense - Melissa Isaacson: "...Carimi and Williams, expected to start at right and left tackles respectively..." Oooo, J-Webb and his "nation" will have to step up and let his play twitter account do his talking for him.

Football Outsiders' Four Downs: NFC North - "We don’t even really analyze the Bears offensive line anymore: we just assume it will find a way to flounder." Thanks, Jerry.

[Video] Bowen's Breakdown: How to utilize Evan Rodriguez - Matt Bowen gets realllllly X&O happy. The whiteboard looks like a circuitboard diagram by the time he's done with it.

Don't Worry About Brian Urlacher's Contract Yet - Maggie Hendricks: They will address his contract after the season, and he wants to stay a Bear. Take a breath, Bears fans.

[Video] Bears OTAs talk on CTL - The CTL panel discusses the Bears OTAs on Wednesday and who stood out in practice. Also, the Forte situation.

Pro Bowl to take place in Honolulu the week before Super Bowl - NFLPA seemingly less concerned about player welfare when there's a holiday in Hawaii involved.

Defensive Prototypes: LBs - ProFootballFocus on the linebacker positions, offering a prototype player for each.

Know thy enemy - CB Asher Allen abruptly retires from Vikings - Concussion history may have factored into decision for 24-year-old former 3rd-round draft pick, who was about to enter only his 4th NFL season.

Know thy enemy: Fits and starts for Christian Ponder - In all fairness, though, I sometimes hit the "fake pump" button instead of the "throw away" one in Madden. Digital Sex Cannon then eats turf and, as often as not, fumbles. Well, when I don't go F*** it, I'm going deep and launch the ball into quintuple coverage, that is. That never ends well.

Know thy enemy: Lions' troubled 2011 draft class raises larger questions -'s Albert Breer says Detroit's issues raise larger questions about player evaluation. WCG's Spongie says: Well, what'dya expect when your own head coach can't control himself from trying to fight his opposite number after losing a game?

Know thy enemy: Lions could, but likely won’t, discipline trouble-making players - "Ain’t it sad that we have to actually point out that a guy has had only one off-field incident?" Show lack of accountability by letting Fairley, Young hide from press.

Bears star LBs to host charity signing - While Lions' players are making the news for the wrong reasons, Briggs and Urlacher are teaming up for a charity signing to help a Barrington girl with a rare disease.

ThorCo wanted O-Town, a boyband I've never heard of. Wiki tells me this was their most successful single in the US...