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A Super Bowl in Chicago?

Chicago in February is beautiful...
Chicago in February is beautiful...

Bill - We'd like to welcome everybody to this impromptu edition of Bill Swerski's Superfans. I am your host Bill Swerski, and thanks to the lovely rainy Chicago weather I am joined today by my brudder Bob who get's to take a rainday off of da work site.
Bob - Hello everybody, it's a pleasure ta be here.
Bill - We are also joined by Carl Wollarski.
Carl - Hi
Bill - and Todd O'Conner
Todd - I'm Todd.
Bill - Conspicuous by his absence is fellow Superfan, and our good friend, Pat Arnold. However I have been told that Pat would be joining us via Skype if he finishes pumping da water outta his basement.
Carl - It's sure has been a very rainy day here in Chicago, we'll miss Pat.
Todd - Number one what da hell is Skype, and number two since Pat can't be here, why didn't we just have today's show down in Pat's basement?

Bill - We are gathered here today to discuss the recent revelation that our fine Mayor, who is a proud member of the Chicago political machine...
Bob - Who has that one of a kind Chicago swagger.
Carl - Who needs to get some more police on da street...
Todd - Whoa there on da politics Carl, we are a sports show are we not?
Carl - Apologies...
Bill -
His Honorable, Da Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Da Rahminator!!!

Bill - Mayor Emanuel has met with ...
Todd - (interrupting) Secretly met with!
Bill - I don't think it was a secret, it was reported by CBS Chicago.
Todd - My bad...
Bill - He met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the possibility of Chicago hosting a future Super Bowl.
Carl - I love dis idea.
Bob - I second that.
Todd -
I second that too.
Carl - Technically that would be thirding.
Todd - I don't know what that means.
Bill - Here's a little snippet from the folks at CBS;

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants Chicago to host a Super Bowl at Soldier Field, and he joked about taking some drastic measures to get what he wants.

"I found out a secret, and that is the commissioner's in-laws live in the Chicago area," the mayor said after meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to pitch the idea of a Super Bowl in Chicago. "And I'm holding him hostage until that happens."

Bob - The joke, in dis case, would be on Mr. Goodell, because a good hostage situation sounds like da Chicago way.
Bill - And he couldn't even come crying about it to da authorities because Da Mayor told him all about it.
Carl - I have a cousin that's a lawyer, and I think that's how the law would be interpreted in this case.
Bill - But about the possibility of Chicago hosting a Super Bowl, what do you fellas say?
Bob - This would be a splendid idea. But it should be even more than splendid, it should be historic. For if it were not for those New Yorkers the honor of being the first cold weather outdoor stadium to host a Super Bowl would belong to Soldier Field.
Carl - New York is a lousy choice for one reason and one reason only, you can't get a good slice of pizza anywhere.
Todd - Could I just chime in and give a good old fashioned New York Sucks?
Bill - Yes. And here's what perplexes me...
Todd - (interrupting) New York Sucks!
Bill - OK... MetLife Stadium isn't even in New York, it's in New Jersey.
Todd - Now I'm confused, shall I give a New Jersey Sucks too, just so I cover all bases?
Bill - Yes. (He waits for Todd to yell "New Jersey Sucks!") Nothing? No? Todd?
Todd - What?

Bill - At da end of da day, New York, Chicago, or New Orleans, it really doesn't matter who da host city is because I can only think of one particular team dat will be hoisting the "He who shall not be named" Trophy after the next 17 or 18 straight Super Bowls.
Bob - A certain navy and orange clad football club...
Carl - A certain... Wait, I'm receiving a text from Pat! (reading from his phone) Sorry about missing da show... Basement flooded to quickly to pump... So we said screw it... we ordered a few pizzas from Giordano's... put some tasty beverages on ice... and can you say "Indoor Pool!"
Todd - Indoor Pool.

Bill - We'll that's all the time we have folks, time to slip on some swim trunks and head over to a pool party!
Todd - Indoor Poll? Hello, I said it?
Bill - Let's just bring it home my friends...
All - Da Bears!