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Best of the WCG Draft Threads

This was going to be a pic of Jay Cutler flipping off paparazzi while walking his dog, but instead, you get a picture of two out of three guys looking at the right camera.
This was going to be a pic of Jay Cutler flipping off paparazzi while walking his dog, but instead, you get a picture of two out of three guys looking at the right camera.

A week has passed since the NFL Draft began, and overall most of the WCG is on board with Phil Emery's first draft. There are still questions remaining about each player, and the answers about each new Bear won't be finalized for a few years. While many of us have come around to liking, but not loving, Lovie's new toys, the reaction during the draft open threads was quite a bit different. Jump below the fold to check out some immediate reactions to the Bears' draft selections and some highlights from last weekend's open threads.

The best thing about the open threads are the visceral nature of getting real-time reactionary feelings in print for everyone to see. We all had expectations heading into the draft based on who we thought the Bears would target in each round, and for the most part we were surprised by the actual selection (further cementing the ridiculous nature of mock drafts that nonetheless will continue to be written and read).

The Bears' first round pick, Shea McClellin, was not even on most national or local outlets' radars as a Bears' target. His late charge as a first-round pick aligned him with teams employing a 3-4 defense that seemed to better fit his skill set. The Patriots and Packers were targeted as potential teams interested in Shea, but the Bears snatched him up before either could pick him.

Before the pick was announced, a clamoring for a certain offensive lineman continued with Nih1lus and DutchBear leading the charge:


Some, like crackedcactus, hoped for a Law Firm type player:

Instead, the Bears took Shea, and the reaction was, well, not exactly positive.



Just Dave, who was hoping for Reilly Reiff (profanity edit in parantheses):

What a (fracking) waste.



Some members wanted to like the pick and tried their hardest to immediately talk themselves into it.



Or this one:
Joeb'n777: And cue the Meatballs breaking out the torches and pitchforks.....
family_man: Because the smart people are getting the rope and shotguns.
The Bears traded up in round two, sacrificing a fifth round pick in order to select...
MidWayMonster54: Jeffery or Konz?
Alshon Jeffery, wide receiver, South Carolina. The reaction was a bit more positive.
Ryan21: (Yippy) Yeah!!! Go Bears!! Bear Down!!!
MidWayMonster54: Cool beans...
Nih1lus: AWESOME. kid has huge upside, his numbers were low because the QB situation at USC was terrible.
And despite the rejoicing, we still had time for some fun:
PrincetonCubs: if you google alshon jeffery the #3 fill-in is "Alshon jeffery fat"
CloudyFuture: Wheres that pic of Jeffery busting out of his uniform...
And exchanges like this concerning Jeffery's weight issues:
Mr. Titanium: Now lets hire him a personal chef and nutrionist.
jetcitybearfan: Institute some portion control. "You really gonna eat that whole pig?
or Jay Cutler's bowels:
Sound_Automatic: jay just pooped himself
T.Moore: He wants big WRs Phil says here ya go
Sound_Automatic: [pooping noise]
or our now competent offense minus one certain left tackle:
Mr. Titanium: Cocky Optimism but who the (fudge) gonna stop our offense now?
lawyeti: jwebb sadly
Virto: I admit I lol'd, then I thought about it and cried.
Then came round three, and with our excitement at a crescendo, it was time for the inevitable. Steven Schweickert FTW:

That's right, I forgot. Third round is the safety pick.

A third straight draft with a third round safety isn't going to exactly help Emery endear himself to fans (although methinks he could give a crap - maybe two). Regardless, the reactions to a player who played as much football last year as your or I were were expectedly bad with a heavy dose of sarcasm:
David in Maine: Safety Dance!!
David Taylor: just what we needed another safety. Yay!
Dogfishhead: What the (Parliment Funkadelic)?!
Brendan Hess: low on DT? Need a young Corner? Need talent upgrade at Center and Left Tackle? Draft a Safety! :)
Gromowicz: Can Hardin play left tackle???
And apparently it can lead to poor spelling:
BearNecessities: dissapointing
But we still get some joke out of it thanks to poor spelling:
BearBear34: Bears select in the 3rd Brandon Hardin S oreon st
Pastor2b: Where's Oreon?
WisBearsFan34: Just South of Wasington...
A Jerry Angelo reference from a member obsessed with rhetorical questions:
Brendan Hess: Heavy Footed? Injury Ridden? Angelo just called this in from a tapped line.
And wonderful word play:
jfish1219: Not a giant fan of this move
docks: I'm not a Jet fan of this move, either.
Or Chris Harris hate:
PolishSausage.Ditka.Bears: I hate Chris Harris. Go be a horrible DJ at some kid's birthday party.
And lastly, a conversation we were all having last weekend that is gone but not forgotten:
jonmanster: How do we neglect D-line and O-line for this injured hot mess of a safety? Does Emery know we lost Okoye and Anthony Adams and the Jamarcus Freaking Webb starts for us?
BearNecessities: JA has Emery duck taped to a chair in the closet and him and Lovie are smoking stogeys throwing darts at a board.

I trust Emery.

I trust Emery.

I think I trust Emery.

(and later)

Like a (fornicating) cobra.

First round isn't the makers and shakers. Second Round is going to be where we strike.

While at least the pick led to this exchange:
alkappy: I say give the guy a chance. Welcome Shea
BearNecessities: What the (Pack) else can we do
badsamaritan: Complain on the internet.

I'm willing to give Emery the benefit of the doubt.

No (stinkin) clue who this McClellin guy is, but Emery did go out and grab Marshall and Bush in the offseason.


How’d we pass on DeCastro?

who the (CRUD) is Shea mcClellin
If its McClellen we have traded Jerry Angelo for

Jerry Angelo II.

With the 19th pick, bears select Chandler David DeCastro Jones
pick is in...

c’mon DeCastro!