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PFF Rates DJ Moore 8th Most Productive Pass-Rushing DB

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Part of DJ Moore's effectiveness on the field came through his timely interceptions, typically to seal up games. But another part of his effectiveness came as a blitzing defensive back, streaking unblocked into the backfield to disrupt the quarterback.

And according to Pro Football Focus' new pass rush productivity rating, Moore is the 8th-highest-rated blitzing defensive back, racking up 8 total pressures on his 39 pass rushes as a nickel back - his 364 passing snaps are the third lowest on the top ten behind LaRon Landry and Kevin Barnes.

Take a look at the article, then give your thoughts in the comments. Think the Bears should increase the number of times they send him on the blitz, or continue about this frequency? Do you think the metric is computed correctly?