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Q&A about Alshon Jeffery with WCG on "Garnet And Black Attack"

Garnetandblack_mediumAll this week we have interviews lined up with people that make it their business to know all about the college programs that the Bears rookies attended. Later today (3pm Central) we'll have our "Five Questions With" the Boise State SBNation site, One Bronco Nation Under God, about Chicago Bears top draft choice Shea McClellin.

We'll also participate in a few Q&As on other sites about how we think their former player will fit in with the Chicago Bears. The back and forth Q&A is a great way to gain some unique insight to the newest Bears players.

Garnet And Black Attack is the South Carolina Gamecocks site on SBNation, and they had a few questions about Bears 2nd round draft pick Alshon Jeffery.

Here's the first question they posed to us;

As you know, Alshon Jeffery was a hot topic leading up to the draft, with many divided over whether he is an elite prospect or a risk due to conditioning / work ethic issues. What is the general feeling among Bears fans about Jeffery? Are you guys happy to have him, or are you worried you wasted a pick?

To see our response to that question, and to read the entire interview, click here to visit Garnet And Black Attack.