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The Bears Den: June 01, 2012

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"... where we love the game of football, and apparently Squaresoft."

Knox grateful to Hester for 'keeping me positive' - "He has been more worried about my health than if or when I am going to return to the field. That means a lot to me."

Marshall embracing leadership role - Being engaging with his teammates, handling his job like a professional.

USAToday's team report - It's good, but it doesn't mention Final Fantasy 7.

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Rachal feeling 'explosive' in bid to start for Bears - The only newcomer who appears to have a shot at winning a starting job on the Bears' OL. I wouldn't mind trying out one of our undrafted WRs at LT to see if he can beat out Webb.

Wilhite making most of opportunity - Ex-Bronco CB has stood out during the Bears' OTAs.

Kelvin Hayden happy to be home - Veteran cornerback grew up a Bears fan and believes he can contribute to enhancing team's tradition.

Forte remains one of nine unsigned franchise players - But can he sing or dance?

[Video] Bears' issues at WR - It's probably not a great thing when Hester leads your WR corps with most receptions in a single season since 2008.

Think it's pathetic that a RB led the team in receptions last season? - Scroll down to John L Williams, fullback for the Seahawks in the early 1990s...

Hester fine without "no.1 WR" burden - Feels he can sit back and play. [Video] Will Hester improve at WR?

Don't expect to see Super Bowl at Soldier Field - Dan Pompei: Soldier Field may be going green, but that doesn't mean it can generate enough green.

A look at the 'X Spot' - Matt Bowen: Using some window dressing to run a base concept.

What do DBs look for when they break the huddle? - Bowen breaks down the progression before the ball is snapped.

Know thy enemy: Packers' Driver deal cause for 'concern' - Moon Mullin: Defeating Pack has never been an easy task for the Bears, and it won't get any easier in the near future.

Know thy enemy - Bill Ford Jr. says some young Lions better get their acts together.

Know thy enemy - With the Lions not presently inclined to fine or suspend (or cut) miscreants, it’s up to the other players to coerce some sense in to them. The only problem? The veterans don’t yet seem to be inclined to do it.

Michael Pittman talks about the effects of his 7-8 concussions - Former 11-season veteran RB provided some intriguing insights into the life of a former football player.

Ten Reasons Why NFL Players Go Broke - Jack Bechta: An observation from 25 years of experience. "They're dumbasses" didn't make the cut.

Top NFL streaks - Jim McMahon won 25 consecutive starts, including postseason.

Ditka gets broadcast award: 'You guys have ... to be nuts' - Attendees immediately hire, don nut costumes. Whatever Da Coach wants, Da Coach gets.

A new for the Den, I think. Russian boyband!