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Which Free Agent Will Make The Biggest Contribution?

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I did something similar to this once the draft wrapped up, but I don't believe that such a post was made for the free agents the Bears signed. So let's go ahead and do that on a relatively slow news weekend in Bears-land.

And to keep things interesting, I'll leave Brandon Marshall out of it, on the technicalities that it was a trade bringing him in to Chicago and that he'd probably have every answer posted down below.

The picture should give you some idea who I think will have the biggest impact out of the Bears' free agent pickups.

I'm going with Eric Weems. Weems is a one-time Pro-Bowl special teamer and kickoff returner with a void to fill, since Johnny Knox will most likely miss the beginning of the season and Devin Hester just isn't the same caliber of kickoff returner as he is a punt returner. And it's because of that void that Weems might get the most playing time of any of the other free agent signings.

Which free agent do you think will have the biggest contribution in 2012?