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The Bears Den: June 11, 2012

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"...where we're excited to hear Cutler will be joining Waddle & Silvy for a weekly show during the seaon."

Jim Covert has suggestions to improve Bears' pass blocking - Former Bears great thinks Cutler sometimes should have a quicker release and that J'Marcus Webb could use some help from "Nation" TEs and RBs.

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Discusses what type of offensive line the Bears prefer, if the Seahawks player who injured Johnny Knox ever reached out to him, and an unheralded player who has excelled in OTAs.

USAToday team report - Weekly summary of the Beloved.

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Cutler: Bears' offense was inflexible under Martz - Still considers Mike Martz one of the brightest minds in the game, but admitted the coach's inflexibility played a role in the unit's struggles. [Video]

Cutler stands by offensive line concerns - "I talked to Garza about it and asked if anyone was offended. He said no. He agreed with me."

Jeffery ready to grow with Bears - Showed off his team skills planting trees with other rookies; "...trying to learn and get better from the vets.”

What's next as Bears head into offseason down time? - Jim Miller: Coaches and players will go their separate ways until training camp and utilize the upcoming break in different ways.

Broken hand won't keep Toeaina out of veteran minicamp - Originally thought was just a sprain; veteran minicamp starts on Tuesday.

Mike Florio: Cutler’s comments undermine Forte’s leverage - I would've said his comments show he's got a grasp of the larger picture, myself, and reflect what everyone else already knows: that Forte doesn't have any. [Video: "He's gonna jump right in"]

Secret Superstar: Tim Jennings - ProFootballFocus name Tim Jennings their Bears Secret Superstar and talk up his cover-2 play as if that's all we ever run.

Carimi's knee passes another 'test' - Gabe Carimi indirectly showed his knee is holding up well when he was spotted bowling at Charles Tillman's fundraiser without needing assistance or a brace.

Briggs hosts 350 at football camp in Sacramento - Current & former Bears flock to help at Briggs' camp.

NFP Sunday Blitz - Should a rookie QB play right away? Who were the best rookie QBs? Shockingly, no Bears on list.

49ers must be wary of overprotecting Frank Gore - Different situation for Bears, with the drop-off to Michael Bush being much less precipitous? Or will Bears look to get their money's worth?

Playbook breakdown: 'Hi-Lo Triple-In Flood' - Matt Bowen takes a look at the west coast route on the chalkboard.

Inside the Playbook: 'Offensive I.D.' - Matt Bowen answers my prayers by looking at the base personnel groupings on the chalkboard.

Peter King's MMQB - Roger Goodell making post-career transition for players a priority. Also, for Just Dave, gives Iowan Aaron Kampman some love on p4.

Will bounty pacts be more prevalent in the future? - Jim Miller: Players will make bounty pacts to fight early and often, knowing it will lead to OTA cancellations.

Former Bear Danieal Manning draws rave reviews in OTAs - Phillips, Kubiak thrilled with player's progress.

Know thy enemy - Mike McCarthy rising up the ranks of all-time Packers coaches. Would you swap him for Lovie?

Know thy enemy - Lions’ coordinator: "We play violent defense, but can’t have injuries" ... hard to injure yourself when you stamp on a defenceless player on the ground, or attempt to twist a QB's head off.

Know thy enemy - Vikings may not be the only team in the NFC North counting on a tailback who's recovering from a torn ACL; Packers could be relying heavily on Alex Green. Lions already planning rotation of easily- and oft-injured backs.

A parody of the Gotye single: "Some QB That I Used To Know"