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Bears fans; Who is Public Enemy No. 1?

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Every hero needs a foil, just like every team needs a rival. The Chicago Bears clear cut rival is the Green Bay Packers, but do Bears fans hold their QB Aaron Rodgers in equally ill regard? Last week we looked at the three teams that the Bears shared the NFC North with and what one player from each of those teams would we most like to have on the Bears. There was a lot of vitriol spilled about some of their players, so it got me to thinking; Who is Public Enemy Number 1 for Bears fans? After the jump a look at a few likely candidates.

Don't allow that picture to sway your emotions, but Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz has caused a lot of negative threads around these parts. His demonstrative sideline antics seems to really rub some the wrong way.

Then there's Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who plays like he's trying to win the dirtiest player in the game award.

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen plays the country bumpkin role to a T, with his mullet and calf roping sack dance.

The Packers have no shortage of "bad guys", from golden boy Rodgers to the golden locked Clay Matthews.

So let us know Bears fans, who is your Public Enemy No. 1? Is it one of these guys or is there another that makes you cringe?

I'm sure we'll have a few visitors poking around WCG with this topic so please be on your best behavior, and to those visiting let us know which Chicago Bears player you can't stand, although I'm sure we already know who that guy is...