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Bears fans; Who is your all time Public Enemy No. 1?

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Earlier this week we asked Bears fans to name their current Public Enemy Number 1. But the Chicago Bears franchise has a long and storied history, with numerous villains along the way. So today we'd like to know who is your all time most hated player.

I really hope we get some of the more veteran Windy City Gridiron members on this thread, because I'd love to hear who were the players of yesteryear that really got your goat. My fandom only goes back to the early 80's so it'd be nice to hear about some players prior to that that

Green Bay has a few players through the years that I wish would have taken a long walk on a short pier. Brett Favre and Charles Martin immediately come to mind, as does their former head coach Forrest Gregg. Mike Ditka and Gregg had words on a few occasions, and he was also a player for Green Bay back in their heyday.

A few cringe-worthy players from the Vikings that come to mind are Joey Browner, Robert Smith, and Randy Moss. I wonder if Fran Tarkenton and Joe Capp drew out the ire from Bears fans in the 60's and 70's?

The Lions haven't had as much success as their divisional foes, but did anyone grow up despising little Webster's dad Alex Karras or even further back, Bobby Layne? What about Barry Sanders?

So fill us in Bears fans, who is your all time Public Enemy Number 1? And we'd really like some stories to accompany your choice. Educate us Bears fans!