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Happy Father's Day From Windy City Gridiron!

Unfortunately, there isn't exactly a good (read: semi-funny) Father's Day themed song out there like there was for Mother's Day (and if you missed it, how could you miss Mr. T? Just, how?).

But today's the day to celebrate the other half of the couple that brought you into this world; helped raise you to the boy, girl, man or woman you are today; and probably punished you a few times along the way throughout - but as I said last year, they take on so many roles throughout your life, be it a counselor, adviser, friend, and teacher, among others.

I won't share the same story I did last year, but I do wish to repost the ending of last year's post.

So from my little perch here on this corner of the interwebs, thank you, Dad, for everything. They're memories I'll never give up and values I'll try to pass on myself.

So do something special for your father today, even if it's taking him out to lunch, giving him a hug, or even a long-distance phone call. And if you have lost yours way too soon, remember them fondly. And if you yourself are a father, Happy Father's Day, and thank you for the role you play in your child(ren)'s lives.