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Worst-Case Scenario for the 2012 Bears

"Devin Hester at quarterback" is not an acceptable answer.
"Devin Hester at quarterback" is not an acceptable answer.

Last season, things started out shaky then quickly got rosy as the Bears ripped off five straight wins before Jay Cutler left with a thumb injury and Matt Forte was lost two weeks later with a knee sprain. The Bears' tailspin took them right out of the playoff race.

Emery and Co. spent a ton of time shoring up positions of need and depth throughout the team, including the backup quarterback and running back positions and two brand new receivers at the top of the depth chart. But is there a situation where the team could still suffer an injury and hit the same tailspin? In the time of year ripe for nothing but optimism, let's ditch that for the moment for some good-ol'-fashioned pessimism.

For me, there is, and it goes by the name of Julius Peppers. While the Bears drafted Shea McClellin with a first-round pick, Peppers still provided most of the disruption from his end spot. Taking Peppers out of the equation leaves the team with Israel Idonije, a first round pick that has some doubts surrounding him, and not much else from a position and line group that hasn't even been league average.

What's the one player you think has to stay healthy to avoid crippling the team? Is there one? What's your worst-case scenario for the 2012 Bears season?