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The Bears Den: June 21, 2012

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"...where we're grateful to Percy Harvin for providing some off-season news."

Passing game can benefit from extra repetitions prior to training camp - Jim Miller: Valuable time for Jay Cutler and the receiving corps to really pick up their game.

NFC North: More or Less - John Clayton arrived at a win total for every team in the division for 2012. Seifert assesses.

NFC breakout teams - Bears atop of Greg Gabriel's teams to keep an eye on.

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[Video] Rookie minicamp, part 2 - Marinelli: “This is our history. Monsters of the Midway. This is not some little theme somebody comes up with every other year. We out-hit our schedule. That’s what the Monsters of the Midway stands for. It’s about being physical. It’s about playing relentless. You’ll have a chance to show that today.”

Mike Tice's To-Do List - Hendricks: Now Tice has all these shiny, new toys, he has to figure out what to do with them.

[Video] Ranking the Lions ahead of the Bears? - Seifert: I'm surprised at how many national observers consider the Lions ahead of the Bears at the moment, despite the Bears' offseason improvements.

An inside look at Shanahan's game plan - Bowen looks at Shanahan's game plan from Denver, with obvious interest for Bears fans.

Eagles hire ex-Bears executive Gabriel - Former Bears college scouting director Greg Gabriel is back in the NFL. Let's hope they add Jerry and Martz.

The top 25 postseason performances in NFL history - A trio of ESPN experts (there's an oxymoron for ya) rank the top 25 individual playoff performances in NFL history. An old-time Bear makes the list.

The Agent's Pitch: What to Believe - Jack Bechta: Many players and their families are mislead by false promises, claims, statements and peppered with deceptive inducements.

Clay Matthews' solution for Harvin, Forte - Love him or loathe him, there's no denying he's underpaid for having amassed 29.5 sacks over 3 seasons. Hendricks desperately flailing to make her quota.

Know thy enemy - "Bounty” appeal unlikely to free Packers DL Hargrove in time for Bears.

Know thy enemy - Lions DE Cliff Avril said he prefers not to play under the franchise tag, but didn't throw a Forte hissy fit offer any hints on his plans for training camp.

Know thy enemy - Percy Harvin requests trade from Vikings; GM Rick Spielman doesn't plan to honor request. May be stuck with each other; PFF on why the Vikings can't afford to lose Harvin.

Could an unhappy Harvin land in Chicago? - Moon Mullin: Don't expect him to join the Bears, or any other division rival for that matter. Not least, in the case of the Bears, because of character issues and T.O.'s influence.

[Video] Ditka AND Mannelly on the golf course - WCG advises you to warn your nearest and dearest before viewing, does not take responsibility for any heads that may explode.

Mullet rock + eye candy = win!