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Looking back at my Top 10 Most Important Bears of 2011

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In a few days I'll kick off my 4th Annual Top 10 Most Important Bears list. It's one of my favorite series to do here on WCG, as it usually sparks some lively debate. It's not a list of who I think are the best Bears on the team, but a list of which players and/or coaches that I think really need to come through in order for the Bears to maximize their success. In my opinion there are no right or wrong interpretations to value importance, it's all subjective.

Here's something to give you an idea of what I look for in compiling my list;

Some things I thought about when compiling this list were: what potential impact they may have, how much the team will look to the individual for guidance or leadership, how badly the team would suffer if they lost the player to injury, and other intangible attributes.

The following is a recap of last years list, please don't be the guy that skims through the article and thinks I'm naming Mike Martz as the 9th Most Important for this season. This is only a look back, I repeat, a look back...

#10 - Henry Melton - Melton came into camp last year with some added muscle and the inside track at the coveted 3 Technique defensive tackle sport for the Bears. The 3 Tech DT is an important cog in the middle of a Tampa 2 defense, and Melton came through with a solid year.

#9 - Mike Martz - I think we're all glad the Martzfense is gone. Last year he started out as stubborn as ever, he nearly got his QB killed once again, but he scaled back some of the crazy and the Bears ran off an impressive winning streak. But then for some reason he reverted back to the knucklehead Martz once Jay Cutler went down.

#8 - Earl Bennett - The Bears receiving unit missed Bennett last year. He's a complimentary piece and best suited for the slot, but last year the Bears needed someone to step into the #1 WR role. Roy Williams was never gonna be that guy, and Earl was coming off a very efficient 2010 season.

#7 - Charles Tillman - I'm not sure if Peanut is getting better with age, but he did make his first Pro Bowl last year.

#6 - Mike Tice - The Bears expected Tice to be a miracle worker and get his o-line to move their play into the "average" range. While there were a few bright spots the line was a weak link.

#5 - Julius Peppers - Peppers is one of the best DEs in the game, but he needs help. As good as he was last year, another Pro Bowl and double digit sacks, he's getting older and he needs help.

#4 - Brian Urlacher - I think as long as the Bears are running the Tampa 2, Brian Urlacher will be the most important part of the defense in my opinion. Then again, we'll have to wait and where he ranks on my 2012 list...

#3 - Matt Forte - Forte showed how good he can be last year when he not only kept up his all around game, but he increased his yards per carry. Even with the revamped passing game, the Bears would greatly benefit from Forte in 2012.

#2 - The Tackles (J'Marcus Webb and Gabe Carimi) - Carimi barely played and Webb played bad. Right tackle also had Frank Omiyale and Lance Louis get some reps. The bright side is the first two guys are young, Omiyale is gone, and Louis should never be asked to play tackle again, and with a different style of playcalling we might see some better play from the tackles in 2012.

#1 - Jay Cutler - In today's NFL the QB will be the most important guy 99% of the time.