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The Bears Den: June 26, 2012

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"...where we get down on it."

Is Matt Forte as good as he thinks he is? - "Forte scored three rushing TDs in 2011. Other players who scored three rushing TDs last season include slow-footed QB Tom Brady and backup RBs Bernard Scott and Isaac Redman."

Rookie symposium focuses on concussion awareness - Dr. Mark Schickendantz, head physician for the Browns, warned some of the league's rookies about the dangers of concealing head injuries and concussions. Forgot to tell them "I'll do it for you"...

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Discusses the battle for the starting LT position, how rookie CBs Frey and McCoy have fared, and the opponent Hester has victimized most with kick returns.

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[Video] Rookie minicamp, part 3 - First practice. Alshon Jeffrey looks pretty good going up for the ball; Marinelli does some one-on-one tormenting coaching with Shea McClellin.

Peppers more valuable than just 20th most productive pass rusher - Moon Mullin takes a look at PFF's list and points out Peppers' ranking is in spite of opponents having to gameplan around him.

Three Years of Pass Rushing Productivity: Defensive Tackles - ProFootballFocus looks at pressures from the interior DL. Melton breaks the top 20 most productive list, Fat Albert makes the top 10. Calls to sign Haynesworth to begin in 3, 2, 1...

Why Bears went D-line, not O-line in draft - The Bears had the opportunity to draft a top-shelf offensive lineman in this year's draft but Moon Mullin explains why they went with pass rusher Shea McClellin.

Bears O-line better than they appear - Moon Mullin fights the good fight with all his might. Doesn't seem to have noticed that you can be good at run blocking but bad at pass blocking, or that a QB who runs for his life doesn't count as having been sacked...

[Video] Herm Edwards on Forte's contract - I was expecting Herm to get all overexcited and yell "Pay da man!" but here he is sharing calm, rational thoughts. Did someone switch his coffee for a decaf?

Forte unintentionally setting his “deal” parameters - Moon Mullin: Last week Forte declined to discuss what he was seeking, but accidentally did just that when he mentioned other players' contract deals he desires.

Playbook: Bears' Marshall in a 'stack' alignment - Bowen draws up four route concepts vs a cover 2.

Flat salary cap will force teams to restructure rosters - The salary cap likely will remain flat in 2013, will induce league-wide roster restructuring. Top summer subplots - Steve Wyche has five situations to watch, and Forte v. the Bears isn't one of them.

NFL reprograms rookie symposium to make it more effective - Workshop designed to prep drafted players for life in the pros.

Coaches on Brandon Marshall's unworthy list - Receiver claims he never had a worthwhile receivers coach in six NFL seasons. He likes Bates so I wouldn't necessarily have him on the list. #Insert sardonic wit about Drake here.

Football Outsiders' 2011 Formation Analysis: Number of RBs - Lions ran the most single-back sets... probably because they had trouble finding more than one healthy one at any given time.

Know thy enemy - Minnesota Vikings offseason breakdown: DBs, AP, QB.

Know thy enemy - Megatron not slacking off after monster 2011, dominates Optimus Prime teammates in offseason practices.

Know thy enemy - Lions sign former Tampa Bay safety Sean Jones to a one-year contract. You know she doesn't mind.

Poll: Conservative Broncos fans are idiots - Would you prefer Peyton Manning or Tebow as your QB? Uh-huh.

Kool&TheGangVevo doesn't have "Ladies Night" listed or that would have been pretty good for Just Dave's "Terrible Music To Try To Get Laid To" Week. This isn't a bad substitute, though.