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Is The Bears' Brandon Marshall A Good Fantasy Choice?


I am sure there are a lot of members of Windy City Gridiron that are heavily into their fantasy football. It's not something I have really got into in the past, but I plan on getting serious about it this year. With that said, there aren't many Bears players that seem to come up when discussing fantasy drafts. But could this year see Brandon Marshall being a wide receiver worth taking a chance on? Read more to find out.

One thing that is in Marshall's favour is the fact that he is reunited with Jay Cutler, from the pair's playing days in Denver. There is no doubt that this is one of the main reasons why Marshall is even being discussed in terms of fantasy receivers. If all goes according to plan, he could be of the best receiving threats the Bears have ever had.

Granted, he's probably not going to break into the top 10 of most people's fantasy wideouts list, but there are some analysts out there that think that might be a mistake, and he is a bit of a sleeper that deserves a closer look.

Take a look at this video to see what ESPN's fantasy experts had to say about Marshall.

A good point to take from that video is the fact that in 2008 (which was the last time Cutler and Marshall were together), Marshall lead the NFL in targets. Jay Cutler simply wanted to get the ball in Brandon's hands.

Whether that will be the case this coming season remains to be seen. The Bears have other good receivers like Earl Bennett and rookie Alshon Jeffery, so I fully expect Cutler to be spreading the ball around and sharing the love.

Couple that with the fact that Mike Tice will surely be looking to firmly establish the run, and Marshall might not be able to have the type of season that he had in 2008.

But he is definitely worth a look, possibly heading into the third round of a lot of league's drafts. I think he brings enough value to definitely be on most fantasy owner's lists of possible choices at WR,

Some, however don't share this opinion. Pro Football Weekly has him ranked 18th in their list of fantasy receivers, which I think is a little unfair. He is surely a better prospect than some of those players placed ahead of him on that list.

But apart from Marshall, the only other players really worth considering are obviously Jay Cutler and Matt Forte.

There are still questions surrounding Forte's contract situation, but he looks set to be somewhere in the middle of most people's top 10 RB rankings.

Cutler could well be a little bit of a dark horse in terms of fantasy quarterbacks. Invariably drafted as a backup, this year could see him rise on some people's lists. I have said before that Cutler is fully capable of having an excellent season. This is of course reliant on the type of protection he gets, but if it all falls into place, he may up end up being a player you're glad you took a chance on.

So, fantasy football fans, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts on Brandon Marshall and any other Chicago Bears as we look ahead to another season of fantasy football?