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The Bears Den: June 27, 2012

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"...where thank Schwartz for giving us NFL news right now. I know, I feel unclean just saying it."

Lance Briggs thinks new additions make Bears a contender - Doesn't see an aging D, only a more explosive offense to help overcome GB and Detroit.

NFL Network giving Lovie motivational fuel for Cutler, Marshall? - Moon Mullin points out the popularity contest that is the top 100 list.

Urlacher will be ready for start of training camp 'for sure' - Recovering from knee injury in dying moments of meaningless finale. Good jorb, Lovie.

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[Video] NFL32OT - Mortensen addresses the weaknesses and unknowns facing the Bears this season.

Three Years of Pass Rushing Productivity: LBs - PFF looks at the most productive pass rushing LBs of recent years. Two divisional rivals' are on the top 20; good thing the Packers kept the underwhelming AJ Hawk instead of Nick Barnett...

Know thy enemy - Vikings QB Christian Ponder adds 19 pounds to frame for second season.

Know thy enemy - Vikings' Frazier eyes Peterson return for opener. Could yet start season on PUP list.

Know thy enemy - Packers CB Tramon Williams still dealing with serious shoulder injury. 50% strength, 15% nerve function.

Know thy enemy - Lions CB Aaron Berry gained 10 pounds this offseason to increase his chances of becoming a starter in 2012. Quit Twitter after calling Lions fans "broke and miserable".

Know thy enemy - Lions CB Aaron Berry charged with DUI, accidents involving unattended vehicles, and failure to stop and render aid. Whoops.

Know thy enemy - Brad Biggs: Sometimes when players run into personal conduct issues, they eventually take a trip to New York to visit with Commissioner Roger Goodell. Perhaps it would be more cost effective if Goodell visited the Lions. Given their repetitive nature, the Lions' mea culpas are beginning to ring hollow - "The perception is that the Lions are a franchise out of control. They publicly insist that these are isolated incidents, and that's not a fair assessment ... Perception becomes reality at some point. The Lions have crossed that threshold, and all the statements in the world won't change that."

League should take draft picks from teams with a rash of off-field issues - Mike Florio: When it comes to players who dispense illegal hits, fines are met with shrugs. The same can be said for teams that employ players who engage in illegal acts.

Know thy enemy - Chris Burke: The Lions have to be asking themselves, at least privately, “Is Schwartz capable of getting this roster under control?” If he’s not - and, so far this offseason, the evidence is not great - then the ceiling might be lower for him than Detroit wants to believe.

Know thy enemy - History suggests the Lions' success may stutter, and that's without taking all the off-field issues into account.

Know thy enemy - How did the unfancied Chiefs take down the 13-0 Packers in week 15 of the 2011 season?

People use this to try to get laid? I bought the album way back when. Disappointing. I meant the album, though in retrospect and with the benefit of Just Dave's wisdom, its effectiveness on my lovelife was also underwhelming.