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The Bears Den: June 28, 2012

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"...where it's a heady day when Craig Steltz provides the Den punchline."

Melton's pass rush shows promise and concern - Moon Mullin: Melton needs to show more in pivotal 3T role.

NFL Network's "Top 100" makes statements about Bears - Moon Mullin: Cutler, Forte not considered elite by peers. Cutler close to breaking Bears records.

Bears' hidden treasure: Safety - Hardin: intriguing. Conte: positive. Wright: Lovie likes him. Steltz: "hasn't embarrassed anyone in the short stints he has received in recent years" Dane rejoices!

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Urlacher bullish on Bears: 'I know we got better' - Likes the rookies: "They all keep their mouths shut. They just go out there, run to the football and practice hard. You like to see that from young guys."

Urlacher feels healthy, plans to play at least 2-3 more years - Knee feels good, plans to be on the practice field when training camp opens on July 26. Acknowledges importance of HOF credentials.

[Video] 5 In 5 Out -- Chicago Bears - Herm Edwards and Merril Hoge break down the Bears' chances of making the playoffs. I like decaf Herm. Urlacher: Holdout wouldn't hold back Forte.

[Video] Gould appreciates support from Butler - Beavis Gould and Butt-head talk about their mutual admiration; Butler also talks about how much Forest Gregg hated him. Probably not as much as we hate Forest Gregg, though.

George McCaskey on his new GM, making playoffs - Team wasn't "properly prepared" for injuries last season.

[Video] Rookie minicamp, part 4 - Tice likes to create rapport with rookies.

[Video] Dickerson: 'Bears Have Shot To Make Playoffs' - I know JD doesn't like JC, but what's with the demonic voice that takes over when he says his name at 0:45?

Three Years of Pass Rushing Productivity: DBs - Only ex-Bear Danieal Manning features on the list, and apparently he wasn't very good at it.

[Video] Playbook: the 'Out and Up' - Matt Bowen breaks down Andre Johnson v. Pacman Jones. See what a real WR can do... we've got one of those now! Marvel at an OL that protects the QB without him having to scramble for his life.... oh, bummer.

Berman heads to the Monday night booth - Will call the second game of the season-opening MNF doubleheader, when the Raiders host the Chargers, with Trent Dilfer. BERMAN AND DILFER? Egads.

Hines Ward: Players are learning they gave Goodell too much power - Here's a crazy thought: how about not resorting to illegal hits? Radical, right?

When is it time to call it quits? - Jack Bechta: Many NFL players refuse to see the signs that their career is over. Tee Ohhhhh.....

Robert Kraft says lack of a salary cap keeps him out of English soccer - That's another reason why the NFL is so much better than the EPL. In 20 years there have been only 5 different winners, with one of those teams having won 12 times . I just yawned white typing that. No joke. (And again, while editing this in.)

Jaws' QB Countdown: Stafford No. 14 - Ron Jaworski has been rewatching every throw from the season to assess QBs for a comprehensive list of where they rank. He's already told CJH that Cutler's critics will be surprised at where he comes in.

Know thy enemy - Packers' hidden treasure: Safety. Likely to use Woodson in a safety-like position alongside Burnett, giving younger players time to develop.

Know thy enemy - Lions' hidden treasure: RB. Talent is there, if they can stay healthy.

Know thy enemy - Vikings' hidden treasure: CB. Hey, Bowman's been working with their third team rather than being a primary backup as he was with us. That's gotta indicate they're not as badly off as some might think.

Know thy enemy - Job No. 1 for Packer D: Tackle better. Tramon Williams appears to be disappointed that signaling the "Y" from "YMCA" at Earl Bennett didn't bring him down, in the article's photo.

Know thy enemy - The Vikings have a month to resolve whatever it is that triggered Petulant Percy's drama diva antics last week.

Know thy enemy: [Video] Lions be warned - Peter Schrager points out that the Buccaneers imploded after having had 8 arrests in 8 months prior to 2011 season, after going 10-6 in 2010.

Know thy enemy - "What is it about behaving responsibly away from the field that's so hard for everybody to comprehend? You want to drink or smoke? Have team security provide transportation for you, or better yet, stay home. If they're unable to figure out those relatively easy decisions, how can Mayhew and Schwartz trust them to follow the proper on-field instruction?"

Know thy enemy - Cliff Avril: Don’t judge the Lions by a few arrested players I'm still seeking a big payday from another team if the Lions won't let me cash in, so please don't let my value be affected by these idiots.

Speaking of which - Fairley planning to grow up and take responsibility for his actions by pleading not guilty to DUI, eluding police.

CBA doesn't prohibit teams taking action against players with off-field issues - Lions can fine or suspend, with or without pay, any of the players who have gotten arrested, if the Lions want to. To date, they don’t.

Know thy enemy - "Schwartz seems a little on edge, and so is the team. That's not a completely good thing." Read and chuckle to yourself; whether you like Lovie or not, at least he doesn't let the team descend into a disciplineless mob.

Continuing Just Dave's "Terrible Music To Try To Get Laid To" Week. I had this album too, back in the day. It didn't work, either.