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Stealing From The Enemy: Green Bay Packers

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The premise of this little exercise will be simple. We'll look at the three other rosters in the NFC North, Chicago's enemies, and try and decide who would fit in on the current Chicago Bears team. We'll take it on a team by team basis throughout the week, so why not start with the Bears most hated rivals.

If you can steal one player from the Green Bay Packers and put him on the Chicago Bears, who would it be? Here's the Packers roster in case you need a reminder of who's on that team. And try and play along even if the mere thought of a Packer on the Bears turns your stomach. My pick Charles Woodson, my reason after the jump.

Even though Woodson is in the twilight of his career, he's still able to make an impact on defense. Last year he was elected to his 8th Pro Bowl and for the third time he was named a 1st team All Pro. Woodson could play either corner spot for the Bears, he could play some nickle, and he could even line up at safety. He's an effective blitzer for a DB, and he's not afraid to get physical. He would be an upgrade for the Bears pass defense where ever he lines up on the field.

Give us your choice, and your reason why...