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Stealing From The Enemy: Minnesota Vikings

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The premise of this little exercise will be simple. We'll look at the three other rosters in the NFC North, Chicago's enemies, and try and decide who would fit in on the current Chicago Bears team. We already scoped out the Green Bay Packers roster yesterday (click the link to see how that went), and today we'll focus on the Purple and Gold.

If you can steal one player from the Minnesota Vikings and put him on the Chicago Bears, who would it be? Here's the Minnesota roster in case you forget you they have, and please try and play along, even if the thought of a Viking lining up in the Navy and Orange gives you the willies. My pick is Adrian Peterson, and after the jump my reason why.

I think Peterson is the best running back in the NFL. His physical running style is reminiscent of Chicago Hall of Famer Walter Payton. As a runner he has the total package, power, speed, and a little wiggle. He's also adequate in the passing game and could give you 20-30 receptions. Perhaps if Matt Forte was under contract with the Bears I'd have gone in a different direction, a more mulleted direction, but as the Bears roster stands now an All Pro caliber tailback would set the offense off nicely.

Now it's your turn, who would you steal off the Vikes and why?