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Jay Cutler is a top 10 QB

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For what ever reason there's still some negativity surrounding Jay Cutler. Some point to the toughness issue, some the aloofness with the media, some consider him a red zone turnover waiting to happen, while others harp on the body language thing. I really don't get it, in my opinion it's just people looking for a reason to criticize him. Then again I'm a Bears fan, it's possible my judgment is clouded. But Greg Cosell the Executive producer of NFL Matchup, Senior Producer NFL Films for 33 years, and analyst sees Jay Cutler this way;

There is no quarterback in the NFL whose public perception is as far removed from reality as Jay Cutler. Based on my extensive experience, I can say with certainty Cutler is not acknowledged as a top-10 NFL quarterback entering the 2012 season. That assessment is wrong.

In his recent article, Cosell Talks: The Perception and Reality of Jay Cutler, he looks at a lot of the fallacies surrounding Cutler. Cosell has studied his play from Vanderbilt;

I was wowed by Cutler’s ability to throw the football. He was a big-time arm talent who could drive the ball at the intermediate and deeper levels with velocity. Not many delivered the ball the way Cutler did.

To the Broncos;

When you watch as much tape as I do, only the most singular plays from years past remain embedded in memory. Yet, there’s one from Cutler’s third NFL start with the Denver Broncos — against the Arizona Cardinals — that still stands out in my mind.

It was one of the best throws I had ever seen, one very few NFL quarterbacks would have even attempted, never mind completed.

And to the Bears;

I remember Cutler’s first playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks in the 2010 season, when the Bears were NFC North champions. He threw for two touchdowns and ran for two more. He was controlled, disciplined and aware — not turning over the ball once.

I don’t hear many people reference that game when discussing Cutler. My sense is it doesn’t fit the pre-determined narrative.

Make sure you head over to his blog and read his entire piece. If you're a supporter of Cutler's it'll just reinforce what you've believed all along, but if you still see Jay in a negative light or are unsure how to feel about him, you may find Cosell's objective opinion eye opening.