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Updating the Chicago Bears Monopoly Board

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I love Bears games as much as anybody. As pretty much the front-page recapper around here, watching the games more critically has opened my eyes to things I might not have seen before.

But in addition to Bears games, I thoroughly enjoy Bears games. And by Bears games, I mean that going through some of the board games I have, I found the Chicago Bears Collector's Edition of Monopoly. The version I have here was made in 2005, and it's got a mix of classic Bears (such as Walter Payton starring as Boardwalk) and newer Bears (Brian Urlacher making an appearance as Park Place and Mike Brown, Charles Tillman and Jerry Azumah as the Pinks).

Now, I've got a bit of a mind to be creative and have a little fun tonight, so after the jump, we're going to give my Chicago Bears Monopoly board a revamp - Bears from the last three years, and your favorite classic Bears.

My knowledge of former Bears can be lacking sometimes, so I'll just throw up my New Bears board. Go ahead and put your suggestions in the comments.

Dark Blues: Has to be Brian Urlacher as Boardwalk and Jay Cutler as Park Place.
Greens: Julius Peppers as Pennsylvania, Matt Forte as North Carolina, and Lance Briggs as Pacific.
Yellows: Brandon Marshall as Marvin Gardens, Charles Tillman as Ventnor Avenue, and Devin Hester as Atlantic Avenue.
Reds: Johnny Knox as Illinois Ave, Anthony Adams as Kentucky Ave, and Israel Idonije as Indiana Ave.
Oranges: Earl Bennett as New York Ave, Tommie Harris as Tennessee, and Chris Conte as St James Ave.
Pinks: Major Wright as St. Charles Place, Tim Jennings as Virginia Ave, Gabe Carimi as States Ave.
Light Blues: Michael Bush as Connecticut Ave, DJ Moore as Vermont Ave, Corey Graham as Oriental Ave
Purples (or Browns): J'Marcus Webb as Baltic Ave, and Roberto Garza as Mediterranean Ave
Utilities: The Collector's Edition here has the Bears Announcer and WBBM Radio 780 as the Utilities, but I'll go with Mike Tice and Rod Marinelli - Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator.
Railroads: The Collector's Edition has each of the four downs, so we'll keep it with that for this.

Income Tax was changed to Lose to Packers, but who in their right mind would land there. Of course, Luxury Tax should change to Ditka, because having Ditka associated with your team is a luxury any should be happy to pay for. Unfortunately, Ditka didn't make the Collector's board, but Lovie Smith did, at Mediterranean. Go figure.

I think that's about it. Who would you want on your board? Where would you put some of your classic or recent/current Bears?