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Chicago Bears Ultimate Highlight: Walter Payton Breaks the Record

How does one pick their favorite Chicago Bears highlight? With the storied legacy of the greatest team in NFL history, there are so many to choose from. With more Hall of Famers than any other team, to pick a single highlight from them alone would be a monster (of the midway) task.

Do you pick one from one of the many championships the Bears have won, or of their two Super Bowl appearances? Maybe Devin Hester running back the opening kickoff in the Super Bowl? Maybe William "The Fridge" Perry rushing for a touchdown in the Super Bowl? Or perhaps seeing Buddy Ryan and Mike Dikta carried off the field?

If you wanted to go more recent, maybe your favorite highlight is from a certain game versus a certain Arizona Cardinals team, that led to a now famous speech by a certain excitable coach. Or could your favorite highlight be a play by the the man who can very likely become the greatest QB in Bears history?

For me, it goes back to the man: Walter Payton. The day was October 7, 1984 and Payton was about to become the NFL's all-time leading rusher.

The man... the myth... the most famous high-five in football history. For a clearer copy, click here.

Now it's your turn. What is your single favorite Chicago Bears highlight?