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The Bears Den: July 10, 2012

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"...where we dedicate today's music video to the Lions, for keeping us entertained this offseason." Cutler primed for a big season in 2012 - In the first of nine position previews in advance of training camp, QBs coach Jeremy Bates discusses Jay Cutler, Jason Campbell and Josh McCown.

Rookie Buzz: Brandon Hardin - Was personally scouted by Emery twice during 2010 season. Achilles' heels - "Cutler, an underrated quarterback, has been brutalized behind a patchwork line. Chicago -- and this is mystifying -- did nothing to address the issue in the offseason."

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Prove-it season ahead for Melton - Henry Melton had some great spurts in 2011, but he also disappeared for lengthy stretches.

[Video] Better Than Green Bay? - ESPN's Hugh Douglas picks the Bears to win the NFC North.

32 Players to Watch in Training Camp - It's a slideshow; to save your mouse hand, here's the Bears' entry: Gabe Carimi.

Bears Buck NFL Trend as Attendance Stays Level - Better than the usual Hendricks fare!

One week for Forte and Avril - Teams have a week to get a long-term deal in 2012. And then, for the love of Ditka, maybe we won't hear any more about it for a while.

Playbook: Playing the 'inside vertical seam' in Cover 2 - Bowen breaks down the Cover-2 beater. Yeah, we see this a lot...

The Cover 2 'cheat sheet' - Matt Bowen: A safety's guide to reading run/pass in the deep half.

Football Outsiders' 2011 Formation Analysis: Number of RBs pt.2 - Bears stout in run defense, whether facing single- or two-back sets (somewhat more so against the latter).

[Video] Is the RB position becoming safer? - analysts Steve Wyche and Mark Kriegel discuss LaDainian Tomlinson's legacy, and the safety of the RB position. Includes a smattering of Forte talk.

Which seven teams make the 3-win jump? - Pat Kirwan doesn't think Bears will make it to 11 wins. Blasphemy!

Clothes-shopping with Israel Idonije - Someone check DaHamsta for glee-induced shock. That tiepin looks awfully high, though, and I would have considered a double-breasted jacket; that single-breasted one looks uncomfortably tight, particularly across the shoulders, when buttoned up.

ProFootballFocus: Three Years of Yards Per Route Run: TEs - Will Bears TEs outperform Vikings' near-bottom-of-yards-per-route-run group?

Know thy enemy - After a 3-13 campaign in 2011, what are reasonable expectations for Minnesota this year?

Know thy enemy - Lions think they have a running game to compete.

Know thy enemy - As many as nine key contributors on the Lions' defense could be unrestricted FAs next season.

Know thy enemy - Packers will keep Randall Cobb at kick returner. Taking a leaf out of the Bears' book? Our favorite football books - Around the League editor Gregg Rosenthal has crafted a list of must-read books on football, including the classic "America's Game." Denver must plan for worst-case scenario - Hey, they have Caleb Hanie.

"...and then Stafford's gonna throw for eleventy hundred touchdowns..." [inhale] "...and we're going to win the next ten Super Bowls..."