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Ron Jaworski's QB Countdown for 2012

We mentioned on July 4th that we would revisit Ron Jaworski's final list once his countdown was complete, and yesterday he announced that Aaron Rodgers would be his #1 QB for the 2012 season.

The rest of the NFC North shaped up with Jay Cutler at #8, Matthew Stafford at #14, and Christian Ponder at #28.

Let's see how our top-10 lists compared with the expert.

Jaw's top-10 is as follows, with my choice from last week in parentheses:

10- Tony Romo (Newton)
9- Joe Flacco (Cutler)
8- Jay Cutler (Ryan)
7- Philip Rivers (Rivers)
6- Ben Roethlisberger (Roethlisberger)
5- Eli Manning (E. Manning)
4- Peyton Manning (P. Manning)
3- Tom Brady (Brady)
2- Drew Brees (Brees)
1- Aaron Rodgers (Rodgers)

Compared to Jaws, I had Cutler ranked one slot lower, and Newton and Ryan instead of Romo and Flacco. But starting at #7, Jaws' ranking matched what I had slotted.

How did your rankings stack up to Jaworski, and what do you think of his final list for 2012?

Oh, and for a bonus link, here is our friend Doug Farrar over at Shutdown Corner throwing in some Cosell-Jaws insight.