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The Bears Den: July 13, 2012

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"...where we ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it."

12 players to watch in 2012 - "The Bears could have one of the league's scariest red-zone offense, with Michael Bush and tight end Kellen Davis adding to Cutler's various options. He's easily a top-10 option this year."

Dan McNeil's 10 most important players for 2012 season - "The Vikings' Jared Allen lost Ray Edwards last year and led the NFL in sacks. All I hear is how the Bears need to find help for Peppers. Nonsense. No more excuses."

USA Today team report - Well worth a read.

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With franchise tag deadline looming, still a lot in the air - 14 of 21 franchised players remain without long-term deals.

[Video] Forte's contract is Bears' biggest issue - Jeff Dickerson on Forte, the OL. Will Marshall help Cutler make the Pro Bowl as a Bear?

Jason La Canfora: "League sources said there has been considerable progress between the Bears and Forte" - "... still issues to hash out regarding the average per year on the deal over the first three years ... but there has been movement on what the deal might look like over five years." On the other hand, this is Jason "Brandon Marshall is an overpriced bust" La Canfora.

Bills, Rams among six joining parity playoff field; who's in and out? - Jason La Canfora doesn't even mention the possibility of the Bears making it back into the playoffs. Then again, he only lists the NFC having had five teams qualifying for the playoffs, so.....

[Video] Breaking down the WR corps - Moon Mullin and Matt Bowen discuss the Bears' 2012 wide receiver corps and what to expect from newcomers Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall. Good news: they're optimistic. Better news: it's not the talking monkeys.

Brad Biggs: Tice should be good for running game - Forte and Bush should thrive as new OC has a history of utilizing all facets of his RBs. Tice is looking for more consistency - OC Mike Tice discusses the Bears offensive line. Expectations high for Kellen Davis - TEs coach Mike DeBord discusses Kellen Davis and the rest of the position group.

Bears' QB salaries - For those who are interested in the numbers. Also, RB salaries. Speaking of money...

$49 for Bears tailgate parking - which highlights issue with NFL’s stadium experience push.

Playbook: 'Limiting' Sproles in the red zone - Bowen draws up a 'Boston' call (Cover 7) on the chalkboard.

Scouts Inc: NFC North offseason grades - Bears upgraded the most in the NFCN.

ESPN NFCN Blog: Following up our 'Big Decision' series - Revisiting Briggs' trade demand, Kellen Davis' expiring contract, and the backup QB position.

ProFootballFocus: Three Years of Pass Blocking Efficiency: Guards - For those of you who like to debate the merits of our OL, none of our guards who qualified with at least 1,000 pass protecting snaps graded out among the best or the worst in the league.

Football Outsiders: Chicago Bears: I'm Just Sayin' - Apparently Bears have been on the easiest projected schedule three times since 2005, including for the upcoming season.

Know thy enemy - [Video] WR Greg Jennings previews the 2012 Packers. Doesn't make excuses for loss (such as, say, blaming the wind affecting his team but not the opposition).

Know thy enemy - GB's Donald Driver wants two more seasons.

Know thy enemy - Gauging value not easy as Percy Harvin aims for new deal. Long-term contract details may determine future with Vikings.

Cavallari Tweets Baby Bump Before Cutler Event - Something to share with your wife / girlfriend / daughter? It might buy you more Bears time, I dunno.

Pfeiffer? I barely know her! But I would. Twice!