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The Bears Den: July 18, 2012


"...where yesterday's "Love song to Matt Forte" jumped from 89 views to 207 overnight."

Left tackle remains Bears' biggest question - Michael C. Wright: For all the Bears' improvements, they may regret ignoring left tackle.

Forte, Rice latest top running backs to net big-money contracts - Don Banks disputes the theory that RBs don't get monster paydays in today's pass-first, run-only-when-you-have-to version of professional football.

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Larry discusses an under-the-radar player who will thrive this season, why Carimi isn't playing LT, and the key for the Bears D to perform at a championship level in 2012.

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[Video] Bears' offensive potential in 2012 - With Matt Forte now signed to a long-term deal, how good can the Bears' offense be in 2012? Jamie Dukes and Daryl Johnston debate. Dynamic duo is still going strong - LB coach Bob Babich discusses perennial Pro Bowlers Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs.

CBSChicago's Most Important Bears: No. 7 Lance Briggs - "What’s a fair expectation for Briggs in 2012? Just to do what he always does. Make plays, be a leader, go to the Pro Bowl."

Inside job: Melton key to Bears pass rush - Eighth in a 14-part series leading up to the start of Bears training camp. Don't forget to try these passwords if the Tribune site is asking you to sign up.

Webb says with Forte signed, Bears offense 'explosive' - Expects to "dominate" as an OT. We can only hope.....

[Video] Waddle: Cutler poised for a leap forward - Former Bear Tom Waddle discusses the Forte contract and what he expects out of Jay Cutler this season now.

Earl Bennett: Bears best team in NFC North - Sees a defense that is still dominant and an offense capable of being explosive.

[Video] NFL32OT - Chris Mortensen: Bears now have franchise tag free, possibly for Brian Urlacher. Why, so they can bid against themselves?

The best of the Bears: DEs - Doug Atkins and Richard Dent make the cut; Moon Mullin's third DE on his all-time list has only been with the Bears for two seasons.

The best of the Bears: DTs - Moon Mullin rates the top three Bears DTs of All Time and the first two choices aren't surprising.

Silverman: Bears Eliminate Potential Problem As Forte Gets His Paper - "The Bears came to their senses and gave Forte a much better deal than he probably expected" Not more than his agent spent a year demanding, though. Something doesn't make sense.

Playbook: Drawing up a 'Cover 0' blitz scheme - Bowen breaks down 'Under Strike Closed 0.'

Playbook: Victor Cruz vs. Eagles 'Cover 0' blitz - ...aaaaand this is now not to do it. "You still have to tackle (and wrap up) in the open field" - well, if you will sign DBs known for being shy about tackling.....

Bears sign veteran running back Lorenzo Booker - If you feel inclined, you can also click on the video link to see Rosendoom flap his mouth. I really wouldn't recommend it. I took the bullet so you peeps don't have to. Look, just don't. Trust me.

Cedric Benson gets emotional during radio interview - Former Bear washout has no idea why he remains unsigned, despite generously refusing to consider veteran minimum.

Jim McMahon accused to trying to “duck responsibility” for failed bank - Jimmy Mac, bank director? What could possibly go wrong?

Know thy enemy - Minnesota governor blames player arrests on idle time, finds himself justifying the allegedly bad behavior of the men who play for the team. Jim Schwartz asks Detroit meteorologists for wind speed measurements during offseason.

NFL players who have been arrested in 2012 - I know, not exactly Bears related if you don't count the post-Bears incident with Brandon Merriweather (I'd forgotten he played got benched for us, in any case)... oh, and future HOFer J.T. Thomas, whose existence I'd completely forgotten about... but you can still click through and laugh at the many Lions. On the topic of recent arrests...

Apparently, Dez Bryant loves his mom to death”. She misunderstands and tells 911 dispatcher he “tried to kill me”.

Marshawn Lynch almost hit two cars before DUI arrest - Had previously hit a pedestrian in 2008. So, you're telling me even drives in Beast Mode?

Elvis Dumervil’s camp claims the gun wasn’t his - Happened to find someone else's gun in someone else's car, and stuck it down the front of his trousers? That's how STDs happen.

Jon Lord of Deep Purple died on Monday, aged 71.