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The Bears Den: July 02, 2012

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"...where the usual Monday morning Den last-minute panic over choice of video theme ensues."

Top 10 NFL Defensive Players - CBSChicago's Steve Silverman: Peppers at #4.

Tomlinson illustrates Bears’ dilemma with Forte - "The first seven years of his career, Tomlinson was a do-everything back. In recent years, he was just a shell of what he had been. The Bears don’t know exactly when (the end will come), but they know that Forte won’t go on forever."

In spite of contract dissatisfaction, Forte will play for Bears in Week 1 - "I don't think I really have a choice, do I? Yeah, I'll be here."

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The 11 best bargains, and the 11 worst contracts in the NFL - Why is Brandon Marshall on the list, alongside the likes of underperformers (Kolb, Sanchez) and known cancers (Santonio Holmes)? He's probably underpaid for his performance, and the Bears wouldn't take much of a future cap hit if he doesn't work out. Available salary-cap space for all 32 teams - Bears currently have $3,976,700. I know, let's throw it all at Forte and ignore the need for extending other players or replacing those who end up on IR.

Brandon Marshall remembers Mike Heimerdinger - "He would just toss balls over my head, showing me how to approach the deep ball. He added an element to my game that is pretty tough to stop now.”

Rodney Harrison: Bears look poised to do some damage in the NFCN - Shares thoughts on Marshall, Bush, Forte.

ProFootballFocus: Three Years of Drop Rate: WRs - You'll never guess who had the worst hands in the league over the last three years.....

ProFootballFocusL Three Years of the Elusive Rating - A certain back who wants a long contract doesn't break the top 20 in elusiveness. Good thing he's powerful enough to run through people...

[Videos] Will the new additions to the Bears' offense help bring Chicago back to the playoffs? - Sapp doesn't seem to have realis(z)ed that the offense now revolves around Cutler and the passing game. Journeyman Lions WR Nate Burleson doesn't think the Bears will make it out of the NFCN. O RLY?

Know thy enemy: [Video] Packers' biggest weaknesses - Jamie Dukes and the non-journeyman WR Steve Smith provide some much more insightful analysis of the Packers' issues.

Playbook: defending Gruden's 'Yankee' route - Bowen looks at the play action route scheme vs. Cover 2.

Playbook: How do you defend the 'Hail Mary?' - Bowen draws up a defense to shut down the end zone throw.

[Video] History of running back holdouts - Not really a history. More a showcase of a few which didn't turn out well, and a few that did.

Former Bear Benson still a possibility for Raiders - Team could use someone to do what Michael Bush did for them. Added bonus: also more likey to get in trouble with the law.

Bears Camp for kids aged... - ...ah, let's face it, you're probably more interested in which former Bears are going to be there. List includes a few of the Beloved.

With Forte threatening to hold out and AP recovering from knee surgery, is Jahvid Best the NFC North's top running back? - I think you'll find the answer is "Only if the other two don't play" and even then Michael Bush has shown more.

Know thy enemy - Q. What if Adrian Peterson misses the first six games? A. Robert Rence will hit the bottle.

Know thy enemy - Lions like gym shorts, decide to keep them around for longer.

Why has no one signed Ryan Grant? - A. Because he smells of cheese.

Greg Olsen glad to be back in Chicago for a day - Believes he would be a good fit now in Mike Tice's offense. I dunno, Tice likes guys who can block at least a little bit.....

Which Bear Would Bring Home the Gold? - Maggie Hendricks gives another masterclass in journalistic clutching at straws. The only thing she didn't do was include a pun on Go(u)ld. That's how you do it, Maggie.

Bear video week. No, the other kind of bear... (warning: clip of Fiddy Cent's "In Da Club" so language might be a bit salty.)