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Is Right Guard the Position Battle to Watch?

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Um, Chilo, I don't think that's part of the Bears' offensive line drills...
Um, Chilo, I don't think that's part of the Bears' offensive line drills...

Pro Football Focus seems to think so. As their Training Camp Battles series makes its way around the NFC North, they looked at some potential position battles between an incumbent player and an incoming free agent - and for the Bears, they picked Lance Louis taking on newcomer Chilo Rachal.

Louis started last year at right guard, was injured, and took over at right tackle when Chris Spencer took over his right guard position and Gabe Carimi left for the season with his knee injury. Rachal lost his starting position to Adam Snyder last season, lost his spot permanently at halftime of week three, and filled in when the team began using occasional six-man-line formations.

The way PFF bills it, it's more like a slapfight than a full on position battle, but they have the job going to Rachal handily based on their ratings of 2010 and 2009, some weight that Rachal has lost, and a one-year contract serving as a "chip on his shoulder." Let's ask Roy Williams, Vernon Gholston, and Sam Hurd how those one-year deals worked out...

What do you guys think - if Lance Louis and Chilo Rachal are the position battle to watch, who wins? What are some of the other position battles you think might carry more importance?