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The Bears Den: July 23, 2012


"...where we sincerely thank the Lions for providing us with off-season news and laughs... mainly laughs :-D"

Bears’ OL clocking their own overtime - Garza, Chris Williams, Louis, Spencer and Ricky Henry worked with specialists every Friday this offseason on exercises focused on explosive movements and a handful of position-specific drills. Carimi came "often" after he was cleared to work out. J’Marcus Webb "sometimes" joined them. (Kudos to MikeDitka'sCigar for the fanpost.)

Brandon Marshall puts experience with BPD to good use - Challenging stigmas against mental illness.

10 NFL training camp questions - A quick glance at major stories from around the NFL. Isn't it nice not to have the Forte contract situation be one of them?

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Secondary figures to be on move again - Michael C. Wright: Arguably the most competitive position group on the team.

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Charles Tillman remains a rock at CB - Brad Biggs: Bears need Tillman and Jennings to continue solid play until reinforcements can be developed.

Bears need to stick with their safeties - Brad Biggs: If consistency ever is going to develop, the constant mixing and matching of pairs has to stop. Bonus: Pic of Brandon Hardin gazing dreamily at Craig Steltz. Dane approves.

Dave Toub and returner Hester give Bears huge plus on special teams - Emery replaced Corey Graham with the two best FA STers available at their positions.

Bears training camp capsules: Tight ends - Moon Mullin: The Bears rarely used their TEs under Martz's watch. But with Tice now calling the shots, Cutler and his TEs could thrive.

Bears training camp capsules: Wide receivers - Moon Mullin: The Bears' WR corps has not had much expectation in quite some time. That will change in 2012, thanks in large part to Brandon Marshall's arrival.

Bears training camp capsules: Running back - Moon Mullin: The last time the Bears had RBs of the Forte-Bush caliber, they went to the 2005 playoffs and the 2006 Super Bowl,

Michael Bush playing role that suits him best - "He’s a great complement to Forté. He’s punishing. He’s a capable receiver with some speed … a decent pass protector. He knows what he is.”

CBSChicago's Most Important Bears: No. 4 Brian Urlacher - "Having tasted the Super Bowl in 2007, he knows that this season might be his last chance to win one and the Bears certainly have the pieces to do it."

NFC North training-camp reports - Pro Football Weekly's preview of what to expect from the Bears, Lions, Packers and Vikings in training camp. Someone didn't bother to update the Forte contract bit before posting.

Bears' left tackle job up for grabs - Haven't they heard? J-Webb is going to dominate that little girl Julius Peppers.

Matt Bowen's NFL training camp: Ten questions - #7: What does the Bears game plan look like under Mike Tice?

NFL training camp: A guide to grading DBs - Matt Bowen's Five things to evaluate on the practice field.

For NFL players, 'summer vacation' is almost over - Bowen: Enjoy the final weekend before camp - because it's time to go to work.

First NFL training camps are an unbelievable experience - Matt Bowen: That would be "unbelievably unpleasant" as rookies are put through the physical and mental wringer just trying to prove they belong.

Got your backup: No. 2 QBs can provide teams security or angst - "Backup QBs can be the difference between lost seasons and inspiring playoff runs." Oh, we know.....

Know thy enemy - Packers’ website likes Aaron Rodgers’ chances to hit 6,000 yards... and we thought Larry Mayer was injecting himself with Kool-Aid.

Know thy enemy - Toby Gerhart getting ready to repay the Vikings for their faith in him.

Know thy enemy - Most recent Lions' arrest was actually in 2011; Corey Williams fighting DWI that just came to light.

Know thy enemy - ...and they spoke too soon. Lions' Aaron Berry arrested (again), this time on assault charges.

NFL player arrests this offseason - looks back at an offseason punctuated by players' off-the-field problems. There were 31 total arrests, and for some players, it happened more than once.

Know thy enemy - Suh says Lions “need to hold each other to a higher standard”... which is like Michael Jackson singing about how it don't matter if you're black of white.

NFL must now do what Lions' brass cannot: instill discipline - Drew Sharp: "Even if they promptly release Aaron Berry – which should be a no-brainer – the NFL can no longer trust the Lions. It’s time for Roger Goodell to take over Lions’ discipline." Lions fans: Why, what's wrong with one team of 32 providing nearly a quarter of the entire league's offseason arrests?

Commentary: Aaron Berry's arrest leaves Lions one choice -- cut him - "It's not about making a statement. At this stage, it's about punishing irresponsibility and noxious stupidity. The Lions don't have much of a choice anymore. Their offseason arrest total just clicked to seven." Lions fans: As we've said for the last five arrests, we won't worry about it unless there's yet another one.

Matt Bowen: When is Plaxico going to get a look? - Next: Matt Jones!

Scott Norwood tops list of biggest chokes in NFL lore - Poor Scott Norwood. It was a 47-yard attempt.

Completing his transformation from black male to white female...