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SBN: Chicago Bears' Tight Ends rank 31st

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So far every time we've pointed out SB Nation's position rankings to the Windy City Gridiron readers it's garnered plenty of discussion. And since we missed their Tight End article they dropped a couple weeks ago, we figured it's better late than never. I'd like to see someone make an argument that the Chicago tight ends belong higher on their list, because I sure can't. If you go strictly on production it's hard to rank Kellen Davis and company higher than second to last.

But I suppose you could make a case based off their potential... I remember one of our members even comparing Davis and rookie TE Evan Rodriguez to New England's Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. I love me some optimism...

Here's what SBN had to say about the Bears TEs;

Mike Martz sent all of Chicago's tight ends off to live on Corsica during his disastrous time as the offensive coordinator. Kellen Davis, who had 18 receptions last year, gets the nod as the team's top tight end. But he does block okay. Matt Spaeth gives them another blocker.

If you look at the bright side, the Bears really have no where to go but up. And while I don't think they'll get anywhere near the numbers of the Patriots duo, I do think the Bears TEs could combine for around 60 receptions. We know that Mike Tice will use the group more than Martz did, but exactly how much more remains to be seen.