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Earl Bennett to Host Dinner to Benefit 'Legends for Literacy'

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Per, Wide Receiver Earl Bennett will be hosting a dinner to raise funds for his new chairty, Legends for Literacy. This group provides reading tools and training for afterschool programs in and around Chicago. Says Bennett:

It is important to encourage our youth today to turn off the TV and put down the video game controllers, and pick up a book and read.

Well said, Earl. Some more details about the July 22nd event after the jump.

The event will be held on July 22nd at 6:30 pm at III Forks (180 N. Field Boulevard) There's two types of ticket available:

  • $200 - These tickets include a three course meal and drinks.
  • $250 (VIP) - These tickets dinner, drinks, and a special rooftop reception with Bennett and other celebrities (Presumably a Bear or two in there)

All attendees will receive a signed gift from Bennett thanking them for their participation.

These types of events are great as a Bears fan, not only because it helps set a positive example fans and other players. Instead of going out and getting arrested, Bennett is trying to make a valuable contribution to the well-being of those who may need it. If you have the means, and are nearby, try to make it out and show #80 that the WCG community is well represented.