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The Bears Den: July 31, 2012


"...where we kick like a mule and bite like a crocodile."

Bears are becoming Cutler's team - Moon Mullin: It's starting to become apparent that the Bears are Jay Cutler's team. His teammates are already starting to notice a difference in his demeanor this offseason.

NFCN Blog Camp Confidential: Chicago Bears - Seifert rounds up the state of the Bears as he moves on to Camp Cheese (booooo).

Bears’ receiving corps will be a nightmare for DBs - "Ask the guys who line up one-on-one against them daily, and that’s when the heads starts shaking and the excitement about what this offense can be really comes through."

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Price could be a key player in Bears' DL - Kip Lewis: Could turn out to be the best defensive addition to the Bears if he's healthy and doesn't allow his off-field distractions (what, like losing a sibling in a car crash, Kip?) to impact his play on the field.

Urlacher, Briggs expect newcomer Brian Price to fit in with Bears - Briggs: "You have vets like Peppers, Idonije, Melton and Toeaina. He's going to be around good teammates, guys who are going to help him excel in this defense." [Video] Izzy willing to help rookie McClellin.

Competition vs. friendship on the O-line: Bears aim to stay close - Either J'Marcus Webb or Chris Williams will lose their starting job before the season as they battle for one spot on the OL.

Tice's approach is appealing to Garza - Mike Tice isn't the type of coach who sugarcoats anything or beats around the bush, and that approach is just fine with at least one of his players.

Marshall aims to make most of chances - It’s unrealistic to expect Brandon Marshall to replicate Saturday night’s spectacular performance every day in practice. But that doesn’t mean the Pro Bowl receiver’s mentality ever changes.

Brad Biggs: ‘Marshall Is The Real Deal’ - “You talk about a No. 1 WR. and there are 10, 11 maybe 12 at the most in the NFL. The Bears have finally got one.”

[Video] Cutler doesn't see why the Bears can't win NFC North - In a one-on-one interview with former Bears QB Jim Miller, Jay Cutler talks about the additions Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery and doesn't see why the Bears don't win the NFC North.'s leading rookies - Gregg Rosenthal counts down the five rookies making the biggest impressions thus far during training camp. Among them, a certain WR from a certain team from a certain town associated with Polish sausage and Ditka.

Urlacher likes aggressiveness of rookie safety Brandon Hardin - "I like that kid a lot. I like his movement. He really gets to the football."

Dane Sanzenbacher getting bubble-teamed - Rather than rue his tough luck, Sanzenbacher is concentrating on earning the job all over again.

[Video] Moon Mullin and the panel discuss the Bears' training camp, expectations - ... wait, is Kaplan Gollum? Why is the camera on him instead of the speaker? Does he hates the Mullinses and the Mitchells?

Isaacson: Don't expect too much from Shea McClellin - "The bar shouldn't be set too high for Bears' first-round pick Shea McClellin." I think she meant to include the word "yet" there, somewhere...

Spotlight on McClellin: Bears Bourbonnais Diary - Dionne Miller's notes from training camp. Lovie: "Our train is rolling, we can't stop for anyone."

Bear Facts: QB Lionel Richie Jason Campbell - Lovie was prepared to take him in the 2005 draft until Washington intervened, settled for dat Orkman instead. We took Mark Bradley in the 2nd round. That worked out well.

Bear Facts: RB Matt Forte - Lou Canellis: "He'll end up thanking GM Phil Emery for signing Michael Bush."

Devin Hester is unique, and not just as a kick returner - #23 is the only man left out of 30 drafted from 2004-2007, and none of the 1st-round picks from that timespan (Tommie Harris, Cedric Benson, Greg Olsen) have been Bears since the end of the 2010 season. Thanks, Jerry.

DBs vs. WRs: what to watch in 1-on-1 drills - Bowen: Plant and drive, defeating press-coverage and more.

Singletary hopes Urlacher finishes career with Bears - Singletary: “Everybody loses something as they begin to get older. I’d be lying to say otherwise, it would be defying nature. You are going to lose something, but what you lose in the physical side you gain in the experience side.”

Know thy enemy - NFCNorth Blog CampTour'12: Packers Day 1.

Know thy enemy - Aaron Rodgers: 'Energy' makes Packers better. Inability to win comeback games doesn't (thanks to Kev).

Know thy enemy - Vikings want to copy Bears special teams, lack key ingredient. Clue: It ain't Zach Bowman.

Know thy enemy - Adrian Peterson OK after allergic reaction to seafood. Possibly placed on Physically Unable To Eat Crayfish list.

Know thy enemy - Calvin Johnson, the NFL's best receiving threat, also happens to be a tireless workaholic. Nate Burleson, we learn, "plans his end-zone dances just as OCs script the first 15 plays of a game" and doesn't understand why Megatron won't. Maybe that's why one is the best receiver in the game and the other... isn't.

Raiders focusing on discipline on and off the field - "(Their approach) doesn’t guarantee better results, but it certainly feels like a better approach than continuing down the same road and expecting different results." Jim Schwartz goes red in the face, offers to fight article's author.

A closer look at the top 10 QBs in 'Madden NFL 13' - The top 10 virtual QBs in the virtual NFL. I just got to '09 in my current franchise game and traded two first-rounders for a certain young, talented QB from Denver.....

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