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The Bears Den: July 04, 2012

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"...where it's Independence Day, so here's a picture of what you independenced from :-D"

Jay Cutler No. 8 in Jaws' QB Countdown - "He intuitively understands the NFL passing game. He knows when you get man coverage it’s on the receivers to win." See, only one minor problem with that up 'til now. Thanks, Jerry.

Larry Mayer Takes The Piss - "The last trade the Bears made within their division was in 1999 when they sent a 7th-round pick to the Packers [who used it to select all-time franchise leading receiver Donald Driver] in exchange for kick returner Glyn Milburn. It was a deal that worked out very well for both teams."

MMQB - Coby Fleener's guest column, on the Symposium and life as a rookie.

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Cutler-Marshall May Move Into Top QB-Receiver Combinations - Cutler has a new/old receiver in Brandon Marshall. The two worked together in Denver and now they are both seemingly more mature and ready for the best seasons of their careers.

[Video] Will Forte report to Training Camp for Bears? - Bowen: (If he's not ready to start) Bush is a RB you can win with. They'd run the ball offtackle, down people's throats.

John Clayton's mailbag: How come the Bears aren't Paying Da Man? - "The Bears have 16 starters, including Forte, who become free agents in the next two years. That includes Jay Cutler, who is a free agent after 2013. If they commit too much to Forte, in their eyes, they won't be able to keep the rest of the team together."

[Video] Blogger Blitz: Bears Fever? - Seifert thinks Bears' improvement is the focal point of the NFCN.

Bears' Davis a potential breakout player in '12 - Moon Mullin: Kellen Davis caught a team-best five touchdown passes last year, and he could be in line for even more with Tice calling the shots on offense.

Bennett hosting fundraiser to benefit charity - Bennett’s Legends for Litraysee Lirruracy Literalcy Literacy.

Top 20 NFL Games of 2011: Bears v. Broncos - Ugh. It may be a team sport, but one man can (and did) lose this game for us more than one man won it for the Broncos. Good riddance.

ProFootballFocus: Three Years of Drop Rate: RBs - Forte second-best hands of all RBs in the last three seasons. Michael Bush is no slouch, either.

Firing coaches impulsively not good for business, but practice continues - Coaches always seem to be on the hot seat, but when it comes to finding coaches with winning records, there just aren't that many in the league.

What is a 'Dino' route? - Bowen draws up a red zone concept to put stress on the secondary.

Playbook: Breaking down 'Snake' Fire Zone - Bowen: Drawing up SS zone pressure on the chalkboard. A look back at Mr. Irrelevant - Statistically speaking, former Bear DB Michael Green is the greatest non-kicker "Mr. Irrelevant" ever.

Prater deal re-confirms that kickers have it better than RBs - If I'm Forte's agent, I'm having him learn to kick.

Know thy enemy - Vikings' Kevin Williams would like a contract extension, though team have contract options for next two years and he turns 32 soon. Are their fans yelling "Pay da man!" too? I dunno.

Mummy bear rescues baby bear by opening garage door; baby bear climbs down ladder. No, seriously.