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Rank 'Em: Your top-10 NFL Quarterbacks

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The NFL's offseason typically produces more rankings and lists than you can shake a stick at, and some of them stir up more dust than you'd expect. Recently, we discussed Ron Jaworski's ranking of Jay Cutler among other NFL quarterbacks, and being a Chicago Bears blog, Jaws had a lot of support.

What did transpire, however, was where some other QBs should fall. There are dozens of factors that could be taken into account, and it is impossible to come to an absolute accord, but let's try something...

Take a few minutes to scribble down your own top-10 NFL quarterbacks, and list them in the comments section. Let's see how close we get to each other, and then come back after Jaws' series concludes and see how we stack up against him.

I'll start:

10- Cam Newton

9- Jay Cutler

8- Matt Ryan

7- Phillip Rivers

6- Ben Roethlisberger

5- Eli Manning

4- Peyton Manning

3- Tom Brady

2- Drew Brees

1- Aaron Rodgers

So there's my list... How do you think I did, and what does your top-10 look like?