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The Bears Den: July 05, 2012

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"...where the answer to yesterday's 'What is the building in the picture?' trivia question is, of course: Hogwarts."

What every team needs to make the postseason - Bears need to protect JC, get a better pass rush. Vikings need... the rest of the division not to play.

Harlan’s regret illustrates importance of coach-GM relationship - Often more difficult when GM inherits a HC instead of bringing in his own man.

'Triple' teams: Saints, Pats have third big threat to scramble defenses - Pat Kirwan: three studs occupying the 'D' is a trend every NFL team is copying.

Follow WCG on Twitter; like us on Facebook. Kev, on his own, already counts as two studs.

[Video] Bears May Struggle to Make Playoffs - ESPN NFL Analyst Marcellus Wiley predicts a tough road ahead for the Bears in the NFC. I can't actually watch this so I'll make something up: the NFL bans JWebb from bringing his "Nation" to line up alongside him on the offensive line in their JWebb Nation t-shirts, citing something about having 18 players on the field of play and dismissing his claim that JWebb Nation is a single entity.

[Video] 'Cutler Can Be More Flexible' - Former OT Damien Woody on how the hiring of offensive coordinator Mike Tice will affect Jay Cutler.

Fantasy Football: Cutler vs. Roethlisberger - For those of you who play FF. The only FF I play is from Squaresoft; I recently picked up a copy of FF12...

'Ruby Tent Robber' - Bowen draws up a 3-Man rush scheme that he trusts. Tomorrow: 'Zelda Jar Smasher'

ProFootballFocus: Three Years of Tackle Efficiency: LBs - Nick Roach just sneaks into the bottom 11.

Another Packers Super Bowl ring is for sale - Former practice-squad DT Jay Ross selling the ring he received after the Packers beat the Steelers. When HOFers are selling their induction jackets in preference to their SB rings, I'll believe Tedy Bruschi and anyone who argued his case... Back to School Fair to be held July 28 - The Chicago Bears and Bears Care will host the 2012 Back to School Fair during training camp on July 28 at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais.

Know thy enemy - Contrary to previous report, Vikings DT Kevin Williams doesn’t have a two-year contract option. Could the rest of the Williams Wall be about to fall?

Know thy enemy - Louis Delmas key to Lions secondary. Hey, look, a highly-drafted safety who can make a difference rather than a late-round pick who gets thrown into the mix for a season or two before being replaced with another scrub. Imagine that, Jerry.

Know thy enemy - Randall Cobb has carved out a niche as a solid return man with the Packers, but he has shown flashes of excellence at wideout, too.

Know thy enemy - Anthony Hargrove's 8-game suspension might not affect Packers' DL too much.

Former Raider charged with three (more) murders - Bengals, Buccaneers, Lions immediately vow to up their game.

There is no salmon fishing in the Yemen!