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The Bears Den: July 09, 2012

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"...where we won't use the P-word in the presence of children."

All-time playoff berths - Green Bay 27. Minnesota 26. The Beloved... 25? Well, we should at least draw level with one of them this season. Teenage Bears fan battling diseases - George McCaskey and Lovie Smith made visits to a comatose teenage fan in hospital during the regular season.

Guest MMQB - Redskins GM Bruce Allen on lessons learned from NFL owners the first cuss word he ever learned, from George Halas.

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Bears Fever has overtaken Lions Fever - But everyone's a contender in the preseason, unless you're the Vikings.

[Podcast] DJ Moore talks Marshall, 2012 - Joined Waddle & Silvy and said Marshall's a beast to try to cover.

Playbook: Drawing up a weak side CB blitz - Bowen's chalkboard breakdown of 'Ruby Weak Cat Gold.'

Playbook: Victor Cruz vs. Eagles' Cover 4 - Bowen: How did Cruz beat the Philly secondary?

Playbook: This is how you 'finish' a run in the NFL - Bowen takes a look at Marshawn Lynch's TD run vs. the Eagles, points out the CBs are both taking the play off once they see it's a run. Well, if you will sign CBs who are poor at and/or disinterested in tackling...

Playbook: Raiders' Heyward-Bey vs. Cover 0 - Bowen uses video to breakdown the 'hot read' vs. Texans.

Catches and drops in the NFC North - More "bad" than "good" in the NFCN.

ProFootballFocus: Three Years of Yards Per Route Run: WRs - Brandon Marshall averages out as more productive than both Megatron and Greg Jennings? Score!

Know thy enemy - Daniel Jeremiah: Adrian Peterson adds to Minnesota Vikings' long worry list. "Pushed off-duty officer" Seifert: Not the AP we know

Know thy enemy - Position tweaks coming for Charles Woodson, will most likely include even more snaps defending in the slot.

Know thy enemy - CB says Lions secondary will “surprise a lot of people,” if healthy. Drew Brees, Matt Flynn surprised how easy it was to throw against them.

Know thy enemy - Nick Fairley thinks you can consider yourself “a great guy” simply for not turning your back on your old friends. Being busted for pot and arrested for DUI at 100mph irrelevant.

Raheem Morris had the "wrong style for a young team" - After going 10-6, the Buccaneers slumped to 4-12 in 2011 and all of a sudden the stories about Morris’s inability to bring discipline to a young bunch that needed it were rampant. Perhaps he should have tried to fight an opposing HC after a loss.

Priest Holmes not blasé about long-term effects of concussions - Former player realizes now NFL riches come at painful cost.

For all the flak (European spelling) we give Maggie Hendricks, here are a couple of her non-totally-awful articles: Conte Poised for a Breakout Year; Kyle Adams' Stories of Volunteering in Haiti.

Norman Sas, inventor of Electric Football, dies at 87 - Long before the days of "Tecmo Bowl" and "Madden," Electric Football was king.

Let's try a West Coast rap week...