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Has the Chicago Bears Left Tackle job been decided?

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If you're a member of J'Webb Nation this bit of news may make your day. According to multiple Chicago Bears beat reporters J'Marcus Webb has been running with the 1st team at left tackle for two straight days, while Chris Williams has been seen taking reps as the second string right tackle. After the jump a look at the last two Tweets sent out by the Daily Herald's Bob LeGere.

First he fired off this little nugget;

Chris Williams at ORT with the second team in 11- on-11. Not a good sign for him. J'Marcus Webb with the 1s at OLT for the 2nd straight day.

Followed up by this one;

Chris Williams also taking some first team reps but at ORT.

This does not bode well for those of you that wanted to see the former 1st rounder from Vanderbilt get another crack at left tackle.

What do you guys think, are we reading way too much into this training camp development?