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Poll of the Day: Do you feel any differently after one Bears preseason game?

Chickenlittle_medium_mediumI just love dusting off the Chicago Bears version of Chicken Little this time of year, because even the most optimistic of Bears fans can get caught up in the 'sky is falling' mentality. I'll admit I was a little concerned with the lack of push from the offensive line and the running game as a whole wasn't very good. But after checking myself, I quickly realized it's no biggie.

I don't watch preseason games like I watch regular season games. I'm trying to focus in on match-ups rather than the big picture. And I especially try and focus on the newcomers. Shea McClellin and Alshon Jeffery flashed their skill. Brandon Hardin was up and down. Michael Bush looked unsure of himself. Brandon Marshall looks great in his #15. Matt Blanchard looks like a keeper.

Be sure to check out Steven's Notes, Scribbles, and the longest title of any ongoing series on Windy City Gridiron for his reaction on the Denver game. He'll be dropping that particular post every day following a Bears game at 7am Central time.

Then of course Spongie's Bears Den is a must peruse, just to see how everyone else feels about the Bears. Today's edition is chock full of Bears vs. Broncos reaction from around the web. A quick scheduling note, the Den usually is up at 7am, but on days after the Bears play it'll pop up at 9am Chicago time.

And since you're here you may as well vote in the poll. Do you feel any differently about the Bears after the 31-3 shellacking at the hands of the Broncos? Be honest now...