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Top Fantasy Football Picks

As we roll into week 2 of the 2012 NFL Preseason, we are taking a look at the Chicago Bears top Fantasy Football players and how they rank among the rest of the NFL.

I'm going to use an average of 4 sites that list rankings.


Jay Cutler

Average Ranking - 125

We, as Bears fans, have had the same discussion for a few years now. How good can Jay Cutler be if he had a real #1 wide receiver and a decent line. The Bears this year has taken care of one of them. With the addition of Brandon Marshall, Cutler looks to have the best receiving corp he has had since he has been in Chicago. If the offensive line can find any type of chemistry, Cutler could have his best statistical fantasy football year.

Running Back

Matt Forte

Average Ranking - 12

Last year, Matt Forte was one of the darlings of Fantasy Football ranking in the 4-5 area. This year, he is a bit more of an enigma. He is coming off of an injury, he held out and the Michael Bush signing all could have impact on his value. Will a hopefully revived passing attach, mean Forte sees fewer drop off passes the made him have a high fantasy value?

Michael Bush

Average Ranking - 101

Michael Bush' value depends on a few things. Firstly, how well or often does Forte play? Forte has had difficulties in goal line situations. With Bush in house, most of those opportunities will go to him. This could make Bush a fantasy value just based on TDs.

Wide Receivers

Brandon Marshall

Average Ranking - 33

Brandon Marshall, the signing that has all of Beardom, eagerly awaiting the upcoming season. Will he be a true #1 that we need. Will he and Cutler regain the chemistry he had while in Denver. Will he stay out of trouble?

Earl Bennett

Average Ranking - n/a

Earl Bennett has battled injuries and rotating wide receivers rankings has most likely led to him only placing on one top 200 list that I am using. He comes in at 165 on that one. When he is on the field, we have seen some things that have a number of people wanting to see him as our #2 receiver.

Devin Hester

Average Ranking - N/A

Hester does not show in any of the Top 200 lists being used, which is fair. Hester's fantasy value still is mainly on special teams. Given nobody is really sure what the Bears corp will look like on opening day and where Hester fits in he is going to be a late, late round pick.

Alshon Jeffery

Average Ranking - 177

The fact that Jeffery shows up on all 4 lists ahead of every other receive aside from Marshall either speaks to how well people think he will do and where he will end up at the end of the year or how little they think about the rest of our receivers. Both are fair assumptions.

Defense/Special Teams

Average Ranking - 148

With Coach Lovie Smith's style of defensive play, the constant ability of the Bears to take away the ball and many quality options for returns, the Bears are always a viable starting defensive option in Fantasy Football.