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Poll: Which offensive line would you like to see?

Jay says "Anyone but Chris Spencer, any one but SPEN-CERRRRR!!! Oh the humanity!!!!"
Jay says "Anyone but Chris Spencer, any one but SPEN-CERRRRR!!! Oh the humanity!!!!"

If the preseason is about drawing conclusions too soon and making snap judgements, then this post is for you. In fairness though, fans have been closely watching the offensive line play and therefore any progress or regression from it stems all kinds of thoughts and judgements. Saturday's game was no different. The line play as a whole was encouraging. So have you seen enough to end the competition?

J'Marcus Webb played noticeably better Saturday night and was spelled with Chris Williams for a couple series but there wasn't much difference between the two. Both were solid, if unspectacular.

On their rights were guards Chris Spencer and Chilo Rachal. Many fans in the game threads and afterwards were talking about how impressed they were with Rachal and felt that the Williams/Rachal line outplayed the Webb/Spencer line.

To be fair, both Spencer and Rachal were flagged for false starts which isn't good for either one's grade, but as far as blocking goes most would say Rachal out-played Spencer.

So, the poll is easy enough; To your eye is the compeition over? Would you rather have Webb/Spencer or Williams/Rachal? Or would you rather have some other combo or would you rather wait to see the third preseason game to make a final call?

For me, I want to see more mix and matching. I want to see Webb/Rachal play a bit and Williams/Spencer. Everyone knows lineman need to work with the men beside them and I think it is fair to wonder if Webb is hurt by Spencer's ineptitude. I'll take the wait-and-see approach.

Now, what says you?