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Poll: What will you be watching tonight?

Damn, Gabe Carimi has hair that ALMOST rivals Jay Cutler's. He also kind of looks like Roy from The Office.
Damn, Gabe Carimi has hair that ALMOST rivals Jay Cutler's. He also kind of looks like Roy from The Office.

The third and most anticipated preseason game will hit your TV tonight, and I know many of you will be right here in the game thread making fun of Kev, abusing Wanda and partaking in all the other shenanigans that go along with an open thread. I, unfortunately, will not be here, because I have to photograph high school football games. But hopefully I can catch some of the game in the newsroom and the rest when I get home. But anyway, since this is the most anticipated preseason game, what will you be looking for?

Obviously, for many, the Giants make a very nice and formidable opponent for the third preseason game. It would be a bit worrisome if the Bears had to play the Giants during the regular season, as we all remember Denny Green's comment "Who the hell takes the third preseason game like it's [bleepin'] [bleep]?" but, luckily the only way these two teams will meet again would be in January in the playoffs. And hopefully the Bears won't take it like it's 'bull[crap] bull[crap] (to borrow from Mr. Green).

So there are plenty of intriguing match-ups to watch; the offensive line of course; how will Chilo Rachal, Chris Spencer, Chris Williams and J'Marcus Webb look in their third go-around? How many reps will Alshon Jeffery get with the first team offense? Will we see some of the supposed "Devin Hester Package?" Will Shea McClellin make an impact on the first team defense? Can Nick Roach show something filling in for Brian Urlacher?

Keep in mind this is the last chance for some players to make a good impression, as the first round of cuts (From 90 to 75) are coming on Monday. I believe I saw after the Bears sit at 88 after releasing Kahlil Bell last night. Sometimes the first round of cuts is more interesting than the second because more veterans are released early, giving them more time to latch on with a new team, so keep that in mind as well. Could the losers of the Webb/Williams and Rachal/Spencer battles be cut?

If I were watching, I'd like to see how Alshon Jeffery performs with the starting offense and of course the OL and then I'd like to see how the defensive line rotation plays.

What will you be watching?