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Preseason Week Three, The One That Matters: Bears at Giants Pre-Party (Open Thread)

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When these two teams met last preseason, some knucklehead fan ran out on to the field at New Meadowlands Stadium. The Giants won that game 41-13, in a game much closer that the score would indicate. Tonight should be a real test for the Bears and their offensive line. Hopefully it's a test they pass.

Here are some Windy City Gridiron links that you may have missed. Steven's Game Preview, Steve's Xs & Os Inside the Playbook breakdown of the Bear WRs, T.J. asks Who Needs To Step Up tonight, and Sam has a Poll up and running.

Remember this is an Open Thread, and those are rated WCG-MA, so enter at your own discretion. After the jump a few more links.

From Comcast, Kip Lewis has a couple of things to keep an eye on tonight.

John "Moon" Mullin has a three part preview posted on Comcast, and in part 1 he would like to see the Bears spread out the offense. In part 2 he delves into the Bears depth. And his third part is all about the pass rush.

NBC 5's Grizzly Detail has some things to watch out for in this evenings game.

CBS Chicago's Dan Durkin would like us to know the Bears opponent.

Also from CBS Chicago, Dan McNeil tells us why this is a must watch game.

SBN's Big Blue View has some things to watch for from a Giants point of view.

And in non Bears news, and just for the hell of it, Yo Gabba Gabba!