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Poll Of The Day: J'Marcus Webb or Chris Williams for Left Tackle

Who should Mike Tice pick to protect Jay Cutler's blind side?
Who should Mike Tice pick to protect Jay Cutler's blind side?

No you're not having déjà vu, I have run a post with the above title before. But here we are again, the Bears are no longer at Bourbonnais, the third and most important preseason game is in the rear view, and the Bears still haven't had either Chris Williams or J'Marcus Webb step up and make the decision on who starts at left tackle any easier. Both have been very underwhelming.

Who do you think Mike Tice should pick to start at Left Tackle for the Chicago Bears?

Webb started the preseason off horribly, and he may have been the 1st ever starting player in the history of the modern NFL to play into the 4th quarter of the preseason opener. Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice wanted to send a message, and Webb did improve in the 2nd game. I wouldn't say Webb regressed last week against the Giants, but he didn't exactly cement his cause. The best thing I can say about him is his pass protection wasn't horrible.

Chris Williams saw his LT reps pick up after J'Marcus failed to wow that first game, and he didn't stand out either. The two of them have split time the last couple weeks, and if I were to make a guess I think Tice is leaning towards keeping Webb as the starter. And if I were the one making the call, I'd stick with Webb too.

I do see more potential from Webb, but the old coaching adage is; 'Potential will get you fired', so it's a tough call to make. Webb has had a few well documented mistakes the last few weeks, but that's television. They'll replay the bad plays over and over, but the play where a tackle takes a proper angle, then shoves a defender past his QB won't even get a quip from an analyst.

Webb has a ways to go, but Williams hasn't shown enough to take the job from him. It's unfortunate that Webb will seem to win the job by default, but that's now a Phil Emery problem. I expect he and his scouts will be pouring over the waiver wire and keeping their ears open for potential trade opportunities at left tackle.

I wonder if Williams does lose the LT job, if he'll be given an opportunity to win the left guard job? I haven't been overly impressed with the Bears' LGs either. But that is a poll for another day...