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Preseason game 3: Bears 20, Giants 17 - The Best of the In-Game Threads

"What's that, Tom?  Come say that to my face and I'ma gonna mess you up, mother******."
"What's that, Tom? Come say that to my face and I'ma gonna mess you up, mother******."

Over 2,000 comments, of which two-thirds seemed to be complaining about referees making mistakes or cheating in favour of the Giants. That got boring rather quickly. Jump to see the fun bits.

Because context is overrated.
Ditka's Stache: Those nipples look like pepporoni's

I feel sorry for the squirrels.
Doshi: Penetration, but no containment.
Jack's Elsewhere: Sounds like a normal Saturday night for me

Because context is overrated (II).
Doshi: tittycam looks ready.
bassist33: I think that was the pedo-cam

Things weren't going well in the first quarter.
Kev H: I hope you're prepared to get about 300 lines of notes in the morning.

Makes sense in a macabre way.
CloudyFuture: How come that e trade baby never ages…..
T.J. Shouse: Every few months they kill the old one and bring in a new one.

"Bacon" is ancient Hittite for "Foodstuff that goes with everything". True story.
MASTER_OF_PONIES: USE SUNSCREEN or you will be made of delicious bacon

Huh huh huh... he said "pole".
bassist33: Is that the Hester package? I like it!
Chitownproduct: I'm not touching this one with any size pole

After Jack's Elsewhere claimed that 3/4 of the internet is porn...
Doshi: 3/4ths is a conservative estimate.
awfullyquiet: 3/4 of the internet is cats. Get it right.
T.J. Shouse: Catporn? That's weird
awfullyquiet: They're mutually exclusive.
Spongie: You've never heard of furries?

Chitownproduct: And now I can die in peace after seeing Cutler to Marshall in a Bears Uni.
T.J. Shouse: really? seems a bit extreme, but ok, I'll get the gun

The refs deliberated and then ran another play with the clock at 0:00 when everyone thought Q1 was over.
bassist33: BAck to the first quarter thread!!

How bad are these replacement referees?
David Taylor:
They miss calls like J'Marcus Webb misses blocks!

There's always at least one who misses the jump!
EmmCeee: I appreciate all you [Edit: donkey]holes leaving me talking to myself in the other thread!

Is there something else we don't know?
dsmikey: The First Bush is the most memorable
frenchbears113: I remember mine. He was very gentle.... and did I say that out loud.......
David Taylor: *exits conversation

People got a little excited when Alshon Jeffrey made a catch.
crackedcactus: Holy crap we have two good receivers
David Taylor: Marshall and Rashied Davis?!?
awfullyquiet: Three.
David Taylor: Oh yeah... Sanz! My bad.

Priorities, priorities.
dsmikey: Excuse me while I go punch a baby
Doshi: If you want to piss people off, punch a puppy.
dsmikey: My Bulldog is the only thing I love almost as much as my Bears. Then maybe my fiance.

We'll take our positives where we can get 'em.
Bears-Cubs Bulls: listened to the 1st half on the radio and it sounded wretched. Any positives?
LostInSTL: Lovie didn't lose any challenges
Bears-Cubs Bulls: excellent

Near, far, wherever you are...
Joeb'n777: I take it by the comments that the teams play has been somewhat subpar?
gafferland: Like Ryan Lochte is a sub par genius.
Steven Schweickert: In the way the Titanic is now sub-sea-level.

People nearly got a little overexcited when Alshon Jeffrey made a catch.
Jacob Hayes: That was a really nice catch by Jeffery earlier…
T.Moore: Nice Drop too. Seriously, if he caught that I would shit myself

He went there.
awfullyquiet: Is there something with these balls? They’re lighter than usual? Smaller? Somethings different.
Maelvampyre: that's what she asked

Because context is overrated (III).
crackedcactus: Yup. I lovemaking both.

Still likely to be a better OL than Jerry Angelo could draft.
crackedcactus: Did we grab 5 giants fans and throw Bears jerseys on them? Cause that would explain why the line is playing better

Who doesn't love a Bears sack?
BOBdaBEAR: Nature photography? At this time of day? night?

You jest, but Webb did just that one time.
FromCtoShining(Blue)C: Chilo played well enough in preseason last year for Harbaugh to name him a starter. Things went… downhill… after that.
awfullyquiet: But, how worse can it get?
FromCtoShining(Blue)C: Well, he can just turn around and sack Culter himself

How enjoyable was this game?
Kev H: Please don't go to overtime. Please don’t go to overtime. Please don’t go to overtime. Please don’t go to overtime. Please don’t go to overtime. Please don’t go to overtime. Please don’t go to overtime. Please don’t go to overtime. Please don’t go to overtime.

So... they did it twice?
Maelvampyre: the longest two minutes in sports. other than me and wanda on our honeymoon night

There's that. There's always that.
chiguy8506: YEAH BEARS WON!!!!! thats all i got
Maelvampyre: Packers still suck.

No real injuries to worry about coming out of the game, so that's something. The last preseason game involves a bunch of scrubs against another bunch of scrubs in Cleveland on Thursday, so join the die-hards if you can to crack it up in the in-game threads.