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Do you like the White on White Chicago Bears unis?


From The Desk Of Bill Swerski, Superfan.

Every now and again our thoughts turn from the between the lines action of our beloved Chicago Bears and on to other interesting topics. We consider our selves to be modern day Renaissance men with a cornucopia of knowledge on a plethora of topics. Believe it or not, but we do have many other interests besides our fine Chicago sports teams.

On any given evening you'll catch us Superfans partaking in the occasional discussion about which sausage is the best. Todd swears by a good Maxwell Street Polish, while I go absolutely gaga over an Italian smothered in peppers, red sauce, and just the right amount of cheese.

Favorite Pizza is another topic that generally divides the room. Lou Malnati's, Gino's East, Giordanio's, and Burt's have caused a few arguments through the years. And please no mention of the fancy schmancy pizzas, because our pie needs to be thick, red, cheesy, and meaty.

But make no mistake about it, when it comes to great Chicago food, we'll generally eat it all.

There is one topic however that we can never agree upon. It's a topic that has even the Swerski family split, and that's the white on white uniform choice that is rarely worn by the team that calls Soldier Field home.

We can't pinpoint the last time our beloved were adorned in the sleek white tops and classic white bottoms that you can clearly see in the picture of Patrick Mannelly above, but I for one am all for a return to the look.


My brother Bob is against the look, and in fact he longs for a return to the navy blue on navy blue look that I feel is cursed. I don't think the Bears have ever won wearing the combo that you see to the left there. But Bob would like to see this years Monsters of the Midway don the darker look.

So please let us know how you feel about the white on white by voting in the poll we have provided. And while you're at it let us know about your approval or your disapproval of the navy on navy look. One thing's for certain however, we can all agree that the orange jerseys belong in the closet.