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Flying Way Under The Radar: Brandon Venson


Continuing our look at Bears players you might literally have never heard of brings us this week to rookie tight end, Brandon Venson.
Let's have a little dig around and see what we can find out about the undrafted free agent.

Venson is a 6'3, 245 lb tight end who is a Glendale Heights, Illinois native, so we're off to a good start.

He was one of the 33 players invited to the Bears rookie mini-camp, and the team must have liked what they saw as he was given a three year contract.

His college career began in 2007 at Northern Illinois before heading to Du Page the following year. From there he bounced to Illinois State where he played as a tight end for three years. He broke his leg in his senior year, and this was probably the main reason we didn't see him playing for some of the top name colleges. There was apparently a lot of interest in Venson.

Of course, Kellen Davis currently the number one tight end on the roster, and will probably see the majority of the action at that position. The Bears also drafted TE Evan Rodriguez this year and still have second year player Kyle Adams on the team. So, as with a lot of these players that are flying under the radar, we might never hear from them again, but the Bears feel good about giving players like Venson a chance to show what they can do.

While we wait, let's take a look at a couple of videos (with no sound, for some reason) of Brandon Venson: