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A way too early look: Who's in and who's out?

Williams seems to be struggling against the mound of lard known as Haynesworth.
Williams seems to be struggling against the mound of lard known as Haynesworth.

So we're a week into training camp now and everybody totally knows everything about the Bears roster. Well, maybe not, but we certainly know some trends. Who's up, who's down, that sort of thing. We know where the first team reps are going and where they aren't going. So after a week in, I want to look at who I think might not find a spot on the final 53 man roster and who, early on, looks like they could earn a spot. As always, feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

One thing Bears have been eagerly watching is the competition at left tackle. It seems the last couple days, though, that the competition could be over, as J'Marcus Webb has been running with the first team, while Chris Williams has been spelling Gabe Carimi on the right side. While Lovie has downplayed this (do you expect anything else) most of the rest of us think it means a bit more, about how they feel about Webb and Williams.

Williams is entering the final year of his rookie contract and carries a salary of $1 million plus a $284,750 workout bonus. In the meantime, James Brown has been pretty impressive and is already running with the second team at left tackle.

See where I'm going with this?

Is it possible that Williams becomes a camp casualty? I think it's possible. The real question it could come down to is; Is Williams a better swing tackle than Brown? It seems like an awful lot to ask a rookie UDFA from a mid-major to jump into learning two positions on the line and be comfortable enough to play either one if called upon. I think it's possible, but only if the Bears aren't comfortable paying their swing tackle starting-type money.

At cornerback, it sounds like Tim Jennings and Kelvin Hayden have been impressing. You have to assume D.J. Moore is safe, as is Charles Tillman, but where does that leave Johnathan Wilhite? Probably on the cut list. And what about the rookies Greg McCoy and Isiah Frey? I think one of them makes it as a special teamer first and the other lands on the practice squad. I'll be watching them in the 3rd phase come Thursday night.

How about along the defensive line? Matt Toeaina has been relegated to second string NT behind Stephen Paea. We're all glad to hear Paea is making strides in his second season, but could Toeaina be on the outside looking in? He's valuable in the run game but offers almost nothing as a pass-rusher.

However, newly acquired Brian Price is not doing so well. He left yesterday's practice after being shaken up on a play and overall has not shown much. The Bears gave up just a 7th round pick to aquire him, could he be gone? Supposedly though, a lot of his troubles seem to be related to him being somewhat out of shape. Could the Bears stash him on the PUP list (can they even do that for someone who has participated in camp?). I haven't even heard much about either of the DTs the Bears signed in the offseason, John McCargo and DeMario Pressley. Nate Collins has impressed, though and I think he sticks as the final DT. I doubt McCargo or Pressley will.

Elsewhere, I've read that Tyler Clutts has been catching the ball well but had a couple of fumbles, I have also read about Kahlil Bell still coughing it up once in a while. That could give either one a pink slip. But, who knows, Clutts was probably a longshot anyway, but could Armando Allen or Lorenzo Booker stick as the third back?

At tight end; we've all read the good stuff about rookie Evan Rodriguez and vet Kellen Davis. I haven't read much good or bad about Matt Spaeth but his role has always been more blocker than catcher. Every team needs a blocking TE but could Spaeth be let go for Kyle Adams? With the TEs likely to be catching more passes, it might not be such a long shot. For as unknown as our TEs are, there certainly seems to be some depth there. Could they keep all four?

Now I'll turn it over to you. Who do you think is in and out with the Bears?